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Strengths Training 101

When we tap into this source of wisdom and power, we are more efficient, we act with more confidence, direction, and hope, and we are more productive. This course helps identify your unique talent DNA..

Building Professional Brand Statement

As important as it is for Apple or Starbucks to tell their story of who they are it is just as important if not more to work on your brand.  Who are you and how do you want others to see you? This course permits you to articulate the genuine authentic you

Motivators Training 101

This course provides individuals with the language necessary when communicating with others as they travel through life and try to fulfill their desires or purpose. Understanding this driving force can tell you why you prefer to do what you do and what you need for career and life satisfaction. This level of awareness inspires you, reduces stress, fatigue or burnout, and leads to superior performance.

Blind Spot Training

This course provides powerful insights into your personal & professional Blind Spots. A blind spot is like the human eye. You absolutely cannot see what is there unless you move to a new position, do something differently. The biggest blind spots leaders have is thinking others have them and they don’t.

Professional Purpose & Values Training

This course provides the comprehensive understanding of why you do what you do with intention and purpose. Being professionally purposeful leads you toward profound longevity and stamina. Identifying, connecting to and feeding your value system is the way to soar professionally and to be seen and heard by what matters.

The Best of You

Tell the world who you are, when the best of you shows up and why. Communicating when the best of you shows up is key to successfully connect with colleagues, staff and all who professionally & personally matter.

Time Management

This course allows you to navigate time with life changing efficiency and evolve into the well oiled machine we all aspire to be.

Professional Presence Training

The dynamic blend of poise, self-confidence, control, and style. Once acquired, it permits you to be perceived as self-assured and competent. Learn the skills and qualities that instill confidence and create strong connections with any audience, anytime, anywhere. Build powerful relationships, credibility and trust by virtue of how you “show up.”

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