Community Interpreting – Generic


Community Interpreting Certificate-Generic (48 hours)

Get prepared to work in entry-level positions requiring bilingual proficiency, such as for a court, in social services, in a medical setting, or in education. 19 SESSIONS

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  • Attend the three-hour Information Session – Introduction To Interpreting
  • Bilingual in English and any other language.


Attaining the certificate

1.  Complete two courses:

Consecutive Interpreting-Generic
Simultaneous Interpreting/Sight Translation-Generic

2.  Attend at least 80 percent of each course

Course Descriptions


Information Session—Introduction to Interpreting (3 hours)

Get all of the details about Brookdale’s Interpreting Certificate programs and discover which program is right for you—Judicial and Medical Interpreting or Community Interpreting.

Explore career opportunities using your knowledge and mastery of a second language. Learn about the role of the interpreter and the three different modes of interpreting: consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation. Find out what it takes to become a freelance or full time staff court interpreter, medical interpreter, and/or interpreter in the education and social service fields. Instructor may need to assess students’ bilingual abilities.


Consecutive Interpreting-Generic (28 hours)

Consecutive interpreting begins only after the speaker has verbalized a group of words or sentences. Learn the techniques of consecutive interpreting from interpreters who work in the social services, legal, and medical fields. Each instructor will concentrate on his or her field of expertise, incorporating technical vocabulary and materials. 11 SESSIONS

Required Text: The Interpreter’s Edge Generic Edition by Holly Mikkelson. Approximately $75.


Simultaneous Interpreting/Sight Translation-Generic (20 hours)

Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters to listen and speak at the same time that someone else is speaking. Learn a variety of simultaneous interpreting techniques and skills, such as shadowing, paraphrasing, decalage, and dual task training. Improve your reading comprehension, delivery, and pacing in sight translation, which is an oral translation of written text. 8 SESSIONS

Required Text: The Interpreter’s Edge, Generic Edition by Holly Mikkelson. Approximately $75. This text is the same as listed above for Consecutive Interpreting.