Sustainability Facility Professional


Sustainability Facility Professional® – SFP

Dennis James Kowal, AIA, LEED AP, FMP®, SFP

The SFP credential is recognized internationally and aligns the facility professional with the new emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). SFP helps facility professionals play a key leadership role in creating, managing, and operating sustainable facilities by giving them the skills to continually improve their facility’s impact on the environment and the community. In this 45-hour program, enhance your knowledge and professional standing with this credential of the International Facility Management Assn. (IFMA) in three areas:

  1. strategy and alignment,
  2. management,
  3. operations.

Who Should Attend: FM practitioners with a baseline of industry knowledge and those transitioning to sustainability positions, building owners, architects, designers, safety engineers, Certified Facility Managers®, Facility Management Professionals®, LEED professionals, US federal employees and contractors looking to comply with Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act.

Fee and Code: $2020 (including materials and testing), XBUSM 237


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