Talent Development


Audition Masterclass

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher

What does it take to be a working actor? Some say talent, others say being in the right place at the right time. In reality, auditioning well is the first step to success. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Get coached and trained by an experienced New York City casting director, actor, and author. Discover the tricks, tips, and techniques to audition for commercials, film rolls, and television projects. This is a “hands-on” workshop, conducted in Brookdale’s TV studio, designed to provide feedback and improve your skills while learning about the professional world of show business. If you want to find out what it takes to be an actor or increase your confidence in front of the camera and microphone, this workshop is for you!. 6 SESSIONS

Wed, Nov 7-Dec 19, 6-9 pm (no class Nov 21)
Fee and Code: $474, XBUSS 097

Voice-Over Workshop

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher

Voice-overs are everywhere. From commercial to promotional videos, book reads, and narration, “heard but not seen” is the key component to making money with just your voice. Learn from a seasoned pro and successful bi-coastal professional actor/voice-over coach the best way to audition for and get voice-over gigs. In this 18-hour hands-on program, held in Brookdale’s state-of-the-art recording studio, your performances will be professionally recorded, critiqued, and evaluated. Required text available for purchase in college bookstore.  6 SESSIONS

Wed, Sep 26-Oct 31, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $474 (plus text), XBUSS 080

Course Outline

Learn the best way to audition for voice-over commercials and the essential ingredients to get the voice-over gig. Voice artist/actor and teacher, Jeffrey Dreisbach uses his 20+years in the field and 12 years as director of the oldest and largest broadcasting training schools in the country to provide in-depth evaluations and recording sessions in each of the classes. Also, receive a digital demo reel of your in-class work.


  • Introduction – The audition process
  • The copywriter’s job-basic steps of copywriting
  • Casting yourself
  • Cold reading for VO commercials
  • Audition and playback with critique


  •  Script analysis – Finding the personality
  • Pitch/pace/pause
  • Rate vs energy
  • Contrast/compare
  • Using punctuation effectively
  • Record and playback with critique


  • Performance objective – Finding the voice
  • Narration vs. natural
  • Animation voices
  • Character choices
  • Recording and playback with analysis


  • Production elements – Why spots work
  • Music beds
  • Special effects and unusual requirements
  • Sound effects
  • Looping your voice on you or someone else


  • Recording studio session for final takes


  • Demo construction elements  – Your demo
  • Examples of successful demos
  • Assembly of your best work
  • Placement in the demotape

What Customers Are Saying About The Voice-Over Workshop

“It (the course) answered all my questions and took away the mystery of voice-over. It has been an honor and quite a life-changing experience to have taken Jeff’s class. He managed to make something I once thought unattainable to be within my reach. I would strongly recommend everyone to try this class!!” –  Viveca Henriques Graham

“He (Jeffrey Dreisbach) was committed to the learning material, to the topic each week, and to the students (by Jeff at dress head)!! Jeffrey’s real-life experiences added to each week as well. Terrific course! Just what I was looking for and interested in! The course makes me want to pursue voice-over even more!”  – Jacqueline Frezza

“It was extremely fun, a great deal was learned, but it was made easy with Jeff’s personality. Jeff is a great asset to Brookdale. He gets everyone involved and made even the hardest “takes” fun to do. You wanted to give him the results he was looking for—great direction.” –  Jayne Murphy

“Jeff is enthusiastic, fun, helpful and a great teacher.” –  Joshua Kaufman

“Knowledgeable instructor, friendly, personable manner, very encouraging. Good look at industry from an established professional who stays grounded and knows how to make technical material accessible to novices.” –  Jeff Villasenor


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