Talent Development


Voice-Over Workshop

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher

Voice-overs are everywhere. From commercial to promotional videos, book reads, and narration, “heard but not seen” is the key component to making money with just your voice. Learn from a seasoned pro and successful bi-coastal professional actor/voice-over coach the best way to audition for and get voice-over gigs. In this 18-hour hands-on program, held in Brookdale’s state-of-the-art recording studio, your performances will be professionally recorded, critiqued, and evaluated. Required text available for purchase in college bookstore.  6 SESSIONS

Note: Textbook required.
Wed, Feb 20-Mar 27, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $449, XBUSS 080

This program is eligible for Veterans Education Benefits

Audition Masterclass

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher

What does it take to be a working actor? Some say talent, others say being in the right place at the right time. In reality, auditioning well is the first step to success. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Get coached and trained by an experienced New York City casting director, actor, and author. Discover the tricks, tips, and techniques to audition for commercials, film rolls, and television projects. This is a “hands-on” workshop, conducted in Brookdale’s TV studio, designed to provide feedback and improve your skills while learning about the professional world of show business. If you want to find out what it takes to be an actor or increase your confidence in front of the camera and microphone, this workshop is for you!. 6 SESSIONS

Wed, Apr 17-May 22, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $449, XBUSS 097

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