Art To Drive For: Masterpieces Within A Four Hour Drive

Edoardo Mungiello, PhD, adjunct art instructor, muralist

So many of us would love to visit and revisit the Sistine Chapel or stroll through Chartres Cathedral, sit and gaze at the Pyramids or enjoy a prolonged contemplation of Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son. But unless we are fabulously wealthy and know where to look when we travel, most of us must be content with pictures. There isn’t that caliber of masterpiece stateside, is there? In fact, there are incredible masterpieces throughout the Northeast, and not just at the Met. Join Dr. Mungiello and bring your inner detective as we roam the halls of the Frick Collection, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Collection, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Collection and many more to discover the jewels of art that are truly worth the trip. 4 SESSIONS

Mon-Thurs, Jul 16-19, 1:30-3:30 pm
Fee and Code: $85, XARTF 121

Photography As Art

Patricia Hart Zackman, award-winning photographer, instructor

Explore the role of photography in art, while looking at some of the most influential photographers of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Photographers discussed includes: Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Bernice Abbott and Dorothea Lange. We will break down approaches to creating photographic art. Bring your curiosity and some of your favorite images to discuss. 2 SESSIONS

Tues, July 17 & 24, 10 am-noon
Fee & Code: $39 XARTP 103

Art History Series Workshop

Gina Torello, adjunct instructor, Brookdale, professional artist

Take a tour through the ages in the world of art history. Journey from ancient Mediterranean civilizations to the centers of Christianity and the Renaissance. Finally, explore the Age of Kings, when monarchs governed as virtual dictators, and their influence dominated social, cultural and artistic affairs of the time as well as political matters. Lectures will include viewing, discussing, and examining art works. Enjoy a hands-on activity at the conclusion of every workshop. 4 SESSIONS

Thurs, Jun 7-28, 6-8 pm
Fee and Code: $79, XARTF 164

Portfolio Development

David Dziemian, adjunct instructor, Brookdale, professional artist

Designed for high school students and others who wish to develop a portfolio to best showcase and develop artistic skills as well as individual creative vision. Students are encouraged to use their own supplies, but a list will be provided upon request. Ages 14 and up. Limited enrollment to allow for individual instruction. 5 SESSIONS

Wed, Jul 11-Aug 8, 2-5 pm
Fee and Code: $199, XARTF 201

Mosaics: A Beginner’s Workshop

Harvey Altman, award-winning artist, instructor

Learn design, cutting, tile layout, types of surfaces, adhesion, and grouting. All the techniques needed to complete a 9”x12” mosaic project to take home. Course materials provided. Materials fee $25 payable to the instructor. 4 SESSIONS

Fri, Jul 13-Aug 3, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $99, XARTF 115

Broken China Mosaics

Harvey Altman, award-winning artist, instructor

Create mosaics using broken china pieces in this hands-on workshop. China mosaics are a fun and addictive art form. Let us show you how to cut and assemble china to decorate a wall hanging and seal it with grout. Once you’ve made one you’ll never want to stop. Course materials provided. Materials fee $35 payable to the instructor. 4 SESSIONS

Fri, Jul 13-Aug 3, 1-3 pm
Fee and Code: $99, XARTF 202

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