Career Moves

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Fundamentals Of Horticulture Certificate

Molly A. Gearty, horticulture professional

Prepare for an entry level job in a nursery, garden center, or botanical garden. Hobbyists and home gardeners will increase their knowledge and skills. Learn the basics of horticulture, plant science, plant identification, landscape design, soil science, and organic growing and farming. Gain hands-on experience in landscape design in Brookdale’s greenhouse with emphasis on cultural practices and plant growth and development.

Wed, Aug 22-Nov 7, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $824, XBUSS 092

Voice-Over Workshop

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher

Voice-overs are everywhere. From commercial to promotional videos, book reads, and narration, “heard but not seen” is the key component to making money with just your voice. Learn from a seasoned pro voice-over coach and casting director the best way to audition for and get voice-over gigs. This program is held in Brookdale’s recording studio. Your performances will be professionally recorded, critiqued, and evaluated. For course outline and instructor bio, go HERE.  Note: Textbook required.

Wed, Aug 22 – Sep 26, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $474, XBUSS 080