Come to Campus- Spring Scholars

Bid farewell to winter with a spa for your head! Connect with others seeking intelligent entertainment. Two days of intriguing, diverse subjects. Light lunch included.

Wednesday, March 14 from 10 am–3 pm


The First Queen To Wear The English Crown

Lyndell O’Hara, Ph.D, professor of history, Nyack College

In May of 1068, Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror, was crowned the first Queen of England at Westminster Abbey. Descended from French monarchs and the great Charlemagne, she originated the model of an effective and powerful English Queen. While she was praised by some contemporaries as a loyal wife and administrator, others considered her a treasonous adulterer. Explore the life and times of Matilda, a fascinating and complex medieval monarch.
10 am-noon

Did The Song Change The World Or The World Change The Song?

Pat Barton, educator, professional musician

A chicken and egg musical journey exploring and remembering well known topical songs and Strange Fruit (most famously recorded by Billie Holiday) that songwriters have harvested starting in the mid 20th century. Did these compositions shape the conversation during their era or reflect the times in which they were written?
1-3 pm

Thursday, March 15 from 10 am–3 pm


Reconstructing Reconstruction

Gregory Caggiano, historian

A look at Reconstruction following the American Civil War and its effects on our country, felt immediately and today. Examine life in the post-war South, Jim Crow laws, the mythology of the “Lost Cause” and its reflection in the popular films “The Birth of a Nation” and “Gone With the Wind.” The portrayal of African Americans in early 20th-Century pop culture and contemporary issues, such as the removal of Confederate flags and statues from public spaces will be discussed.
10 am-noon

Weather Or Not

Dan Zarow, meteorologist

Whether weather is a daily concern or not, you will be intrigued by the forces of nature as explained by meteorologist Dan Zarrow, who will explore the science of hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, weather forecasting, and the controversial subject of climate change. Dan is Chief Meteorologist for New Jersey 101.5, 94.3 The Point, and several other Townsquare Media New Jersey radio stations. He earned a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University, and his career in broadcast meteorology has stretched from Upstate New York to Oklahoma to back home in New Jersey.
1-3 pm

Wed & Thurs, Mar 14 & Mar 15, 10 am-3 pm
Fee and Code: $119, XPERS 245