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MORNING CLASSES (9:45- noon)

Sec 1: Ancient Greece

Christopher Bellitto, PhD, history professor, Kean University

We often talk about ancient Greece and its influence without really being able to place it in place, time, and context. This course proceeds with a chronological and cultural approach by taking a close look at ancient Greece’s essential elements: the legacy of the polis and democracy, its great battles and personalities, its soaring artistic and literary achievements, its treatment of women and slaves, and its tragic flaws. We will go from the walls of Troy to the theatres of Athens, from the Delphic oracle to the Spartans’ stand at Thermopylae, from Socrates’ trial and Alexander the Great’s long journeys to the moment where Rome conquered Greece-but Greece conquered Rome.

Sec 2: Supreme Court Justices

Bruce Brickman, Esq

Whether the issue is religion, guns, crime, campaign finance, voting or privacy, our political and social landscape has been fundamentally altered by key decisions of extraordinary Supreme Court Justices. Join popular Lifelong Learning instructor Bruce Brickman as we explore the transformative impact Justices from John Marshall to Antonin Scalia have had on our society.


Sec 3: War Of The Roses

Lyndell OHara, PhD, history professor Nyack College

Between the years of 1455-1485, the longest civil war in English history raged between the families of Lancaster and York. Military battles ensued, land and power was seized and kings were murdered. Yet it was the absolute determination and nefarious plotting of the men and women of this era which formed the basis for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. We will concentrate on the lives and schemes of Margaret of Anjou, the wife of the mentally unstable Henry VI, Richard III and his wife Anne Neville, the mystery of the Princess in the Tower, the strongwilled Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV, and Margaret Beaufort who ultimately emerged as victor when her son, Henry VII, was crowned king and founded the Tudor dynasty.

Sec 4: Artists And Their Cities: An Inspirational Tour

Edoardo Mungiello, PhD, adjunct art instructor

An entertaining and educational look into five cities and the artists that, by the power of their work, have made them must see destinations. From the Florence of Brunelleschi and Masaccio to the Paris of Rodin and Picasso, this light hearted and fascinating journey spans several time periods in art history and illuminates works that are considered to be central to the understanding of the cities that inspired them. Enjoy a tour without buying tickets or worrying about hotel vacancies as we explore artists and their cities.

Mon-Fri, Aug 19-Aug 23, 9:45 am-3 pm
Fee includes morning coffee and light lunch.
Fee and Code: $225, XELDR 069