Come to Campus: Spring Scholars

Campus in spring

Spring Scholars

Bid farewell to winter with a spa for your head! Connect with others seeking intelligent entertainment. Three days of intriguing, diverse subjects. Light lunch included.

Monday, March 18:

Pope Francis: Where Is He Taking The Catholic Church – And Will He Get There?

Christopher Bellitto, PhD, history professor, Kean University

Who is Pope Francis? Why is everyone (not just Catholics) paying attention to the first Latin American and first Jesuit pope in history? How is he trying to change the church and what are people saying in support or opposition? Join us as we assess what he has done, what he has failed to do, and what might be next.

10 am-noon

How Music Means

Jasmin Henry, BM, MM, adjunct music instructor

Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Why do so many people around the world use music to express their innermost emotions? We will consider why music and musical performance are socially and emotionally meaningful. Using the analytical tools of scholars Turino and Peirce, we’ll examine how particular musical sounds resonate with our individual experiences and beliefs to produce unique feelings and thoughts. Learn why music is often at the center of our most profound moments in life.

1-3 pm

Tuesday, March 19:
Conspiracy Theories

Christian Perez, Brookdale political science instructor

What are conspiracy theories, and where do they come from? What differentiates historical conspiracies from conspiracy theories? We’ll explore the origins of conspiracy theories and discuss whether or not there is any truth to these often bombastic claims.

10 am-noon

Van Gogh – His Life And His Work Arlene Smelsen, art instructor

One of the most misunderstood geniuses of the modern world, Vincent’s short and tragic life consisted of physical and mental struggles with paranoid behaviors. His negative qualities caused him painful isolation, yet he was a man with a social conscience and compassion towards others. During the last decade of
his life, he created paintings filled with brilliant colors, thick paint, and swirling brushstrokes. His tragic death is shrouded in mystery. Thought to have committed suicide, is it possible there is a far more plausible scenario? After hearing all the facts in this lecture, it will be up to you to decide.

1-3 pm

Wednesday, March 20:
How Shakespeare Changed The World

Dr. Carl Calendar, former Humanities Dean, Brookdale

Shakespeare’s plays are more popular now in the English speaking world than ever before and they continue to be produced in translation world wide. Shakespeare didn’t just write his plays, he created dramas that changed how we see the human personality and the the way we view war and politics. Moreover he gave us hundreds of proverbial expressions which are used every day. Dr. Calendar will discuss Shakespeare’s impact using major plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Twelfth Night and Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.

10 am-noon

Great Decisions, Foreign Policy Examination And Discussion

Gregory Caggiano, historian, presidential scholar

Great Decisions is America’s global affairs discussion program with instructor guidance provided by the Foreign Policy Association. The program model involves classroom meetings to watch the Great Decisions briefing DVDs and discussing the most critical global issues facing america today. Today’s topic is Populism in Europe.

1-3 pm

Mon-Wed, Mar 18-Mar 20, 10 am-3 pm
Fee and Code: $169, XPERS 245 (fee includes light lunches)