Enrichment Opportunities For Students With Developmental Disabilities

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For students who are completing their high school years or have already accepted their diplomas (ages 18 and up.) This program provides continued academic enrichment with a focus on life skills in a college campus setting. Students with developmental disabilities will gain new knowledge, skills and confidence for becoming better recognized, contributing members of our communities.

Academic enrichment curriculum may include: history, literature, civics, current events, and the arts.

Life skills classes give students the opportunity to problem solve issues that affect their lives on a daily basis. Students also discuss their feelings about living with disabilities, obtain tools for overcoming obstacles, and gain empowerment for daily living.

Our Instructors:

Karen Halloran, M.A.T. has been teaching students with developmental disabilities for over 19 years as a basic skills instructor in the NJ public schools; an employment specialist/job coach for adults with disabilities, and currently is the Transition Coordinator for the Kach (Keep Achieving) program at Brookdale.

Diana Noble, M.A. has been teaching students with developmental disabilities for over 13 years as a special education aide in Matawan Aberdeen Regional School district and currently is the instructor for The Arc of Monmouth’s Great Expectations program at Brookdale.  She has been a community volunteer leader for the American Red Cross since 2005

We’re thrilled that Janice Reese-Berardo will be returning this year as the classroom assistant. She brings years of experience, hands on knowledge of the program, savvy tech skills, and warm enthusiasm and excitement for student learning and success!


Schedule & Curriculum for Fall 2019

Tuesday & Thursday, Oct 8 -Dec 17 (No class Nov 28th) – 4:30-6:15 pm  20 SESSIONS.

Tuesday Class will be taught by Diana Noble and will cover the topic of American Government & Citizenship

How much do you know about the US national government? Who were the Founding Fathers? What is the Bill of Rights? Could YOU pass a US citizenship exam? Experience a wild romp through the early landscape of our nation’s founding and the things we need to know as good citizens. We’ll explore the presidents and each student will have an opportunity to create and deliver a presentation for the class.

Thursday Class will be taught by Karen Halloran with a focus on Life Skills to include the following topics:

  • Attitude, Motivation, Responsibility
  • Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction, Coping with Anger
  • Money & Time Management, Decision Making
  • Setting Priorities at Home/Work/School
  • Creating Personal Goals

Learn more: Meet the instructors and join us for an Information Session.

Thursday, Sept 19th at 4:30 pm
Location: Bankier Library – Room LIB 211 (Parking Lot 5)

Please call 732-224-2135 to register – Info Session Code: XEDDD 004
(No fee to attend but registration is required)

Ready to Register? Call us at 732-224-2315

Tues & Thurs, Oct 8-Dec 17, 4:30 -6:15 pm (students welcome to bring a snack to class)
Fee & Code: $499, XEDDD 002
Click here for a PDF of the Fall class schedule.
Private pay only

Questions? Email or


Fundamentals of Horticulture For Students With Developmental Disabilities

Session will provide an overview of the class – planned for spring 2020 – to introduce students to the knowledge and hands-on skills for successful gardening. Class focus will be on developing job and/or volunteering skills to work at a garden center, nursery, landscaping service or home gardens.


Thurs, Dec 5, 6-6:45 pm
Fee and Code: free, XEDDD 009