Meditation Series


Meditation Series

Nate Fegan, instructor

Warm your spirit with peace and balance. Each session focuses on a specific technique or method for achieving inner calm and energy. Bring a floormat or towel and an open mind. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

How To Meditate And Develop Mindfulness – Oct 28
Master meditation without years of practice. A beginner’s guide to developing creative control over meditative and hypnotic mind-body states.

How To Relax And Be Happy – Nov 4
Learn simple secrets for how to relax, clear common obstacles to find, and sustain, pleasure in life.

Guided Meditation and Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation – Nov 11
Be guided into the kind of deep-release hypnotic-relaxation that is like hitting the reset button to enjoy a fresh start.

Clarity, Vision and Purpose – Nov 18
Learn to create calm and focus, embrace mindfulness and allow yourself to grow forward to achieve your greatest potential.

Mon, Oct 28-Nov 18, 7-9 pm
Fee and Code: $105, XHEAF 217

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