Why Buddhism Now

Cheryl Bartholomew, Ph.D., adjunct professor, Monmouth University, Professor Emerita, George Mason University

The coming of Buddhism to the West may be the most important event of this century. Americans are wealthier and more comfortable than ever before yet we are ranked 17th in terms of the happiest countries in the world. Our culture today is concerned with social evolution; Eastern practices focus on individual insights and transcending suffering. Through the intersection of Eastern and Western teachings, philosophies, and practices we can become awakened and find happiness and joy. 3 SESSIONS

Wed, Jun 6-20, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $65, XPHIL 070

Another One Bites The Dust

Gregory Caggiano, historian, instructor, presidential scholar, blogger

Based on the popular book How They Croaked, we will examine some of the “awful ends of the awfully famous”. What happened to Henry VIII’s body after he died? What did doctors do to George Washington that may have actually killed him? How many doctors’ hands prodded the gunshot wound of James Garfield? Find out about death, dying, and other morbid curiosities in this shocking but darkly comic presentation. Warning: not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

Thurs, Jun 28, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $29, XHUMN 284

Musics Of The World

Jasmine Henry, BM, MM, adjunct music Instructor, Brookdale

Why does every society around the world have some form of music? Music is used for expression, celebration, and communication in diverse populations and cultures. Join an engaging and participatory exploration of why and how people around the world make music. 3 SESSIONS

Wed, July 11 – 25, 6:30-8 pm
Fee and Code: $59, XHUMM 025

The Bible And Gender Politics

Brooks Susman, history, philosophy instructor and rabbi emeritus

The “Me Too” Movement has resonance even from Biblical times. Who are the “players”, the heroes and heroines, or the “takers” and the “taken” that have defined, or help us to redefine, who we are and how we view each other? Are our politics gender related, single-issue, or “American?” 4 SESSIONS

Wed, Jul 18-Aug 8, 10:30 am-12:30 pm
Fee and Code: $85, XPHIL 064

Beyond Good And Evil

Bryan Cocchiara, adjunct philosophy instructor, Brookdale

How are we to live our lives? Do the ends always justify the means, or are we meant for something greater? Join our examination beyond mere labels of “good” and “evil” by exploring various ethical theories and applications. Learn how to develop and defend your own opinions related to the problems and complexities of moral philosophy. 3 SESSIONS

Tues, Aug 7-21, 5:30-7:30 pm
Fee and Code: $65, XPHIL 011

The World On Your Plate: Foods That Changed History

Laura Neitzel, PhD., Academic Director, Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

Americans eat an average of 142 pounds of potatoes per year. We fry them, bake them, boil them, and mash them. But did you know that the humble potato was also responsible for the rise of the West? That the tomato in your salad was an agent of globalization? Or that your postprandial cup of tea fueled the industrial revolution? Come savor some food stories and learn about historical influences that shape every morsel you put in your mouth. Continental breakfast included.

Fri, Sep 14, 9:30-11:30 am
Fee and Code: $45, XHUMN 254

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