It’s Personal

Declutter And Simplify

Andreea Fegan, certified holistic health educator

When our possessions clutter our lives, we feel drained of energy and lose our sense of freedom. Living a joyful, healthy life is often unrelated to food. It’s about lifestyle. Learn the benefits of a happy, decluttered life – from food, to home, to self. 3 SESSIONS

Feb 1: Food and Kitchen

Join us as we simplify from pantry to fridge to meal planning and shopping lists so you can stick to your healthy eating goals.

Feb 8: Home:

We all like our stuff, but much of what we own owns us! Unravel what to keep and what not to keep when it comes to papers, books, clothes, and miscellaneous items.

Feb 15: Self!

What does it really mean to live a simplified life? What distractions are tapping your energy and keeping you from your best life? Learn how to life a cozy, happy, simplified life with more joy, every day.

Fri, Feb 1-15, 11 am-1 pm
Fee and Code: $75, XPERS 001

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