It’s Personal

Finding Joy

Cheryl Bartholomew, PhD, psychotherapist, adjunct professor Brookdale and Monmouth University

How can we achieve balance, inner peace, and even joy in times of uncertainty? Many of the great thinkers of human psychology have addressed these questions. Discover what Eastern and Western approaches to happiness have in common and how they differ. Discuss contemporary ideas about happiness and learn how approaches to emotional well-being have evolved over the centuries. 3 SESSIONS
Wed, Oct 4-18, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $65, XPHIL 067

The Art Of Grace

Barbara Burke, Brookdale adjunct research writing instructor

Examine the gift of grace as exhibited by artistic people throughout history. Explore this trait by considering many celebrities in many fields from art to sports to music to politics to everyday life. Who has it? Who needs it? Can we learn it? Based on the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah L. Kaufman, consider this quality from every angle, including film clips of those who’ve inspired us with their elegance. What makes stars like Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Beyoncé, Sandy Koufax, and Jackie Gleason (yes, Jackie Gleason) so light on their feet and charming? We’ll share, we’ll learn, and we’ll laugh, as we develop some lovely grace for ourselves. 3 SESSIONS
Tues, Nov 7-21, 10:30 am-noon
Fee and Code: $65, XPERS 044

Managing The Grief/Fear Connection

Diane Lang, therapist, author, educator

Grief brings up a lot of emotions, but most commonly fear. When we encounter loss (of any kind!) we can find ourselves stuck in constant fear because our comfort zone and norm has been shaken. The life we have known has been taken away from us without preparation or planning and life has become uncertain. Uncertainty fosters fear and leaves us feeling vulnerable. Learn strategies for managing these feelings and finding new hope in tomorrow’s opportunities. 3 SESSIONS
Thurs, Nov 30-Dec 14, 2-3:30 pm
Fee and Code: $59, XPERS 010

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