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Brookdale’s Tour & Talk day trips and overnight adventures offer yearlong opportunities for discovering places of cultural and historical interest. Get on board a luxury motor coach for a unique experience within a community of like-minded, learning enthusiasts. Leave the planning and the driving to us – sit back and enjoy the ride. Buses depart from Parking Lot #1 at the Lincroft campus.


Spring Lambing Tour At Valley Shephard Creamery, Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch Tour: Lunch At Chesapeake Tavern

An expert guide will introduce you to the world of milking, cheese making, and sheep shearing. Through glass windows, observe a state-of the-art barn and ewenique rotary milking parlor. You may even get a glimpse of a cheese maker in action! Enjoy a taste of a few famous Valley Shepherd cave aged cheeses. Grab your camera for a visit to the lamb building – meet hundreds of fluffy baby lambs just waiting to be held. End your visit nibbling cheese made at this award-winning creamery and check out the wide selection of gourmet goodies and gifts. Following a tasty lunch at the Chesapeake Tavern, visit the Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch where you’ll learn the history of the ranch, general knowledge about alpacas, and meet and interact with a few of these soft and friendly animals – said to make great pets. We’ll be tempted; but no alpacas allowed on the bus!

Thurs, May 23, 8:30 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $129, XTRVY 284

Brooklyn Unplugged Tours – Coney Island Boardwalk & Surrounding Neighborhoods Guided Bus Tour; Lunch At il Fornetto

Jeff Stirewalt, expert on all things Brooklyn will hop on our coach and guide us through a unique exploration of diverse neighborhoods. Experience the eccentric vibe of Coney Island, birth place of the amusement park and circus sideshow. Learn about the historical and cultural seaside section of Brighton Beach, known as “Little Odessa” due to its tightknit Russian and Eastern European communities. Explore Orthodox Jewish Gravesend & Midwood. Did you know that Brooklyn has one of the largest concentrations of Victorian homes in the country? Discover the tree-lined streets of Victorian Flatbush boasting Queen Anne, Tudor, Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and Japanese Cottage style homes. Mangia at il Fornetto, serving authentic Italian cuisine on the waterfront in Sheepshead Bay.

Thurs, May 30, 8:15 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $135, XTRVY 285

New York: American Ballet Theatre: Jane Eyre At The Metropolitan Opera House: Lunch At Marseille

Bold Bronte ballet is anything but plain.
– The Guardian

Choreographer, Cathy Martson’s Jane Eyre challenges the idea of a classic ballet heroine bringing a literary classic to life with her stirring choreography and an enthralling Victorian design. Against all odds, a classic heroine strives for love on her own terms. Misty Copeland, the first African American female principal dancer with the prestigious ABT is scheduled to dance the part of Jane Eyre. An opportunity to escape the mundane and lose oneself in the beauty of dance and the lavish setting of the Opera House. Lunch at Marseille never disappoints.

Wed, June 5, 10 am-6:15 pm
Fee and Code: $225, XTRVY 292

Hampton National Historic Site; Early Dinner At Bread & Circuses, MD

Tour Hampton Mansion and estate considered one of the finest examples of late Georgian style architecture in America. In 1790, the house was the largest in the United States. At its peak, Hampton had 25,000 acres with ironworks, grain crops, beef cattle, thoroughbred horses, coal mining, marble quarries, mills, and other mercantile interests. Standing on a hill overlooking terraced gardens, exotic trees, and green lawns, Hampton is the story of people – enslaved African Americans, European indentured servants, industrial and agricultural workers, and owners. It is also the story of the economic and moral changes that made forced servitude in the United States obsolete. Enjoy an early dinner at an authentic bistro serving contemporary American cuisine with a Bohemian flair.

Thurs, June 6, 9 am-9 pm
Fee and Code: $149, XTRVY 286
Boxed lunch will be provided during the ride to our destination

Grounds For Sculpture: Lunch At Rat’s Restaurant

Experience a docent-led tour of Grounds For Sculpture, a 42-acre public sculpture park founded by Seward Johnson to promote an understanding of and appreciation for contemporary sculpture. Discover an outdoor permanent collection of over 270 sculptures by both well-known and emerging contemporary artists as well as indoor seasonal exhibitions in eight galleries. Grounds For Sculpture is also a garden and arboretum, featuring paved terraces, pergolas, and courtyards juxtaposed with natural woodlands, ponds and groves of bamboo. Following a private lunch in the beautiful Pavilion at Rat’s Restaurant enjoy time on your own for a leisurely and inspiring exploration of the gardens, sculptures and galleries.

Thurs, June 13, 9 am-5:30 pm
Fee and Code: $149, XTRVY 289

The Way We Were: A Tribute To Barbara Streisand At The Brownstone, Paterson NJ

Hello Gorgeous… Celebrate an American diva, superstar and sensation! Since the 1960s, she has won more varied awards (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, special Tony, Golden Globe, Peabody) than anyone else in show business. “Barbra” Streisand has sold over sixty-eight million records, more than any other female singer with songs like: Memories, Happy Days are Here Again, People, Hello Dolly and many more. Starring Ryan Kelly award winning film and singing star and funny man Chris Monty, this show will leave you cheering for more. Enjoy a family style lunch and two complimentary drinks.

Thurs, June 27, 10 am-5 pm
Fee and Code: $125, XTRVY 287

Custom Tour of Thomas Cole Historic Site: Lunch At Port Of Call, Catskill, NY

Thomas Cole inspired a new style of painting; one Americans could call their own. Explore his historic home and studios nestled among the natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains. Discover the story of The Hudson River School, founded in 1825 as a new nation was just forming its own unique identity and traditions. American landscape painting created a national style of art that captured the untamed and majestic landscape of America. The works of Thomas Cole invested the landscape with symbolism, suggesting that these natural scenes could be transformed into meaningful allegories, as well as immersive and transformative experiences for the viewer. Lunch on the Hudson at Port of Call and spend some time on your own in the picturesque village of Catskill.

Wed, Jul 10, 8 am-7 pm
Fee and Code: $165, XTRVY 293

Guided Tours Of The Oculus World Trade Center Transportation Center & The Woolworth Building: Lunch At Blue Smoke

Experienced tour guides will lead us on an exploration of two strikingly different architectural masterpieces. Designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, The Woolworth Building, showcases the beauty of one of the city’s grandest civic spaces. Nicknamed the ‘Cathedral of Commerce’ the grand lobby remains unrivaled in its beauty, craftsmanship, and sense of humor. Come hear the history behind Frank W. Woolworth’s empire and the design, development, marketing, original transit connections and luxury amenities that made the Woolworth Building the most desirable business address at its completion in 1913. It’s a bird…it’s a plane… it’s Oculus! Designed by award-winning architect, Santiago Calatrava to resemble a dove taking flight, the World Trade Center Transportation hub is the 3rd largest transportation center in NYC and the most expensive in the world ($4 billion.) The soaring form with its vast interior is a stand out among a sea of lower Manhattan rectangles. Enjoy a family-style lunch at Blue Smoke in Battery Park City.

Sat, Jul 13, 9:30 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $165, XTRVY 294

Nakashima Woodworker Tour; Peddler’s Village: Lunch At Caleb’s American Kitchen, New Hope, PA

Most people, when they visit our studios, are overcome by a sense of peaceful beauty generated not just by the atmosphere created by the buildings and landscape themselves, but by the harmony of the furniture within them.– Mira Nakashima

Be immersed in the serenity and beauty of the studio and grounds of George Nakashima’s Woodworker. An innovator of 20th century furniture design, he has few rivals and countless imitators. Gain appreciation for the philosophy, craftsmanship and influence of Nakashima by experiencing a behind the scenes exploration of the buildings and natural landscape. A tasty lunch at Caleb’s American Kitchen will be followed by an afternoon of shopping/strolling through Peddler’s Village.

Thurs, Jul 25, 8 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $159, XTRVY 295

The Explorer’s Club; American Kennel Club Museum Of The Dog: The Smith Restaurant

Experience an awe-inspiring tour of the renowned Explorer’s Club Headquarters; a historic gathering place for the world’s most ambitious adventurers and explorers. Housed in a 1910 Jacobean mansion, each of the Club’s wood-paneled rooms display artifacts from front-page expeditions abound – from Apollo missions to Thor Heyerdahl’s solo trans-Pacific journey (his diary, globe, and relics stand just outside an old-fashioned elevator). The stories are endless. The clubhouse is meant to be an urban oasis for its members but has all the casual charm of an ultimate hangout designed by a 10-year-old and his grandpa, Teddy Roosevelt. After thirty years in St. Louis, the ACK Dog Museum and its exclusive collection of canine related work has found its way home to NYC. Housed in the American Kennel Club headquarters it has been reimagined and modernized to give every dog their day.

Tues, Jul 30, 8:15 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $155, XTRVY 296

An Impressionist Eye Exhibit At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art: Lunch On The Balcony

Enjoy a docent-led tour as you peer over the shoulder of Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Vincent van Gogh, and others as they make their indelible mark on canvas, paper, and bronze. Best known as oil painters, the artists in this tight-knit group actually moved fluidly from one medium to another, supporting and inspiring one another. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see a broad range of Impressionist sculpture, painting, and works on paper shown together. Following a delightful plated lunch on the balcony of the museum, explore the world renowned collections of Philadelphia’s art museum, home to the world’s largest and most important collection of works by Marcel Duchamp, superb Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including Paul Cézanne’s The Large Bathers, Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and important paintings by Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, and Edgar Degas.

Wed, Aug 7, 8:30 am-6 pm
Fee and Code: $155, XTRVY 297

Guided Tour Of Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple: Lunch At the Palace Of Asia, Robbinsville, NJ

Experience a day of beauty, peace, and discovery. Explore a masterpiece of Indian design and workmanship at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Robbinsville, NJ. Enjoy exquisite Indian art and architecture on a guided tour of this traditional Hindu temple. Learn about the world’s oldest faith, witness the Aarti ceremony (mid-day 15 minute worship service), and participate in a Q&A with a senior devotee. A family-style lunch at The Palace of Asia will enhance our experience and appreciation of Indian culture. Travel far close to home.

Wed, Aug 14, 9 am-4:30 pm
Fee and Code: $125, XTRVY 298

Museum of Jewish Heritage: Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far Away Exhibit: Lunch At Inatteso, NYC

The most significant site of the Holocaust, Auschwitz was not a single entity, but a complex of 48 concentration and extermination camps, at which 1 million Jews – and tens of thousands of others – were murdered. Experience a docent led tour of this groundbreaking exhibition bringing together more than 700 original objects and 400 photographs of Auschwitz, from over 20 institutions and museums around the world. Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away. The most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the history of Auschwitz and its role in the Holocaust ever presented in North America, and an unparalleled opportunity to confront the singular face of human evil – one that arose not long ago and not far away. Enjoy the simple and fresh Italian specialties at Inattesco.

Tues, Aug 27, 8:45 am-5 pm
Fee and Code: $155, XTRVY 299


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