World War II Studies

President Trump meets the president of Indonesia

End Of An Era? The Geopolitics Of East Asia In The Age Of Trump

Laura Neitzel, Ph.D. Director of Studies/Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University

With the economic and military rise of China, the ongoing nuclear posturing of North Korea, and the nativist leaning of the new U.S. administration, we may be witnessing a reconfiguration of the geopolitical order in East Asia established in the aftermath of World War II. What would be the regional and global implications of a reduced or redefined role for the U.S.? Are we witnessing the end of the post-World War II order in East Asia? If so, what might we expect next?
Thurs, Oct 26, 7-8:30 pm
Fee and Code: $19, XWWTS 303

Down Melody Lane: Lifting the Clouds of War – The Music of World War II

“Down Melody Lane” is a musical duo of performers Gilda Healy and Barry Rosenzweig. Don’t miss this interactive-lecture with audience singing (and dancing?) to the music. “Down Melody Lane” explores the music of the 1940s and provides many interesting facts about music and life during WWII.

Gilda Healy began studying music and voice at St. Anne’s School in Jersey City, NJ, where she grew up. Gilda Holds a Master of Arts Degree in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ). Since college days and until recently, Gilda has been an active participant in the Music Ministry as Soloist and Choir Member at St. Catharine’s Church in Holmdel, NJ. An evacuee from Tower 2, Gilda Healy is a survivor the NYC/911 terrorists attacks and has recently published her story of survival. Ms. Healy is a volunteer with both the Center for World War II Studies & Chhange at Brookdale Community College and the National Guard Museum, Sea Girt, NJ.

Barry Rosenzweig has been a musician since the age of eight, when he started playing the piano. Barry has received his BA & MA degrees in Music from Rutgers and Trenton State College (now TCNJ), respectively. Mr. “R” (as he likes to be called) served two years active duty as a Lieutenant with the U. S. Army Field Band of Washington, D. C. Mr. “R” retired in 2006 after forty years as an educator within the New Jersey public school system. Although classically trained on the piano, Barry, like Gilda, loves all genres of music; with a penchant for the music of World War II.
Wed, Nov 8, 2-3:30 pm
Fee and Code: $19, XWWTS 304