Law and Order



Day in Court

Play the roles of judge, defendant, plaintiff, witness, lawyer, bailiff or juror in several mock trials. Learn how to make opening and closing statements, how to phrase objections and how to question witnesses. Pull all your skills together at the end of the week as you participate in a final mock trial based on actual events. Family and friends invited to watch!
XCHLC 007, $315
7/24-7/28, 9 am-2 pm, Grades 5-7
7/31-8/4, 9am-2pm, Grades 7-

Global Citizenship

Do current events make you wish to change the world? Begin the journey–become a voice for change.  Explore contemporary issues in human rights and social justice.  Guest speakers and diverse resources will aide our discovery of what it means to be a global citizen.  Create a plan to address a global or local problem.  Develop your voice as an activist.  This unique newly developed program will take place at the Chhange Center at Brookdale.  Join us and get inspired and empowered.
XCHLC 270, $315
8/7-8/11, 9am-2pm, Grades 6-9