Faculty, staff and administrators gathered for the Fall Convocation in Collins Arena on September 3 for the official start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

President David Stout provided an overview on enrollment, welcomed new employees, outlined Brookdale’s ongoing strategic plans and goals, highlighted campus improvements and cited programs and individuals for recent achievements.

“Regardless of our specific position and department, we all have a role in ensuring the well-being of our students and the success of the institution we call home,” said President Stout.

Convocation began with a moment of silence for Professor Jack Needle, who passed away over the summer. He was one of the central founders of the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights, & Genocide Education (Chhange) at Brookdale Community College.

Picture of Brookdale Professor Art Marshall.
Art Marshall, professor in the education department, was recognized during the Fall Convocation for his 51 years of teaching at Brookdale.

President Stout congratulated Professor Mike Qaissaunee, director of Brookdale Cyber Center, and his colleagues in the Engineering & Technology for obtaining the designation as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the 2024 academic year. He also noted the increased enrollment and interest in Brookdale’s Auto-Tech program. President Stout and members of the Brookdale community acknowledged the service of Professor Art Marshall for his more than 50 years of service to Brookdale.

Sara Brown, the new executive director of Chhange, addressed the audience and discussed ways to collaborate with Chhange throughout the semester and mentioned some upcoming events. The chairs of the Sunshine Committee (Dinneen Jackson) the Brookdale Experience Team (Shanna Williams) and the Enrollment and Engagement Team (Eleanor Glazewski) discussed their respective committees’ efforts over the past academic year and upcoming initiatives. Faculty departmental meetings took place following the convocation.

To view more pictures from Convocation, visit https://brookdale.smugmug.com/People/Employee-Events/Convocations/2019-Fall-Convocation/i-dQFdQLz

Scholars’ Day Recap

Professor Dave Wiseman and a praying mantis.
Dave Wiseman brought both a Chinese and European praying mantis to his Scholars’ Day presentation on the interesting insects.

This year’s 8th Annual Scholars’ Day on September 4 presented an exciting opportunity for the Brookdale community.

“The beauty of Scholars’ Day is that we devote a day to the smart people right here talking to each other,” said Dr. Matthew Reed, vice president for learning. “We don’t need to bring in people from the outside to have a smart dialogue because we have smart people right here.”

Reed explained there is a recent trend on social media trying to end the stigma attached to community colleges. He said the stereotype of a community college is based on the idea that community colleges are not serious.

“I feel that what we are doing right now at Scholars’ Day is attacking the community college stigma,” said Reed.


Picture of Martin McDermott.
Martin McDermott’s Scholars’ Day presentation had his audience experience the benefits of the “flipped” college classroom.

Following the welcome, members of the Brookdale community could make their selections from among 20 presentations in three different breakout sessions. Brookdale faculty, staff, and administrators shared their interests on a variety of topics.

Some of the topics directly related to the classroom like “Heads or Tails? Making Sense of the ‘Flipped’ College Classroom” and “Canvas Learning Mastery Gradebook: An Overview.”

Other presentations highlighted current topics in education such as “Academic Libraries and the OER: How We Plan to Lead the Way in OER Development” and “Social Justice in a Politically Correct World.”

Some subjects helped colleagues keep informed about updates and new services like “Important Updates from Foundational Studies,” “Putting on Your Thinking CAPS: Career Action Planning FOR Students FROM Students” and “From Combat to Classroom, Transition and Care Management Presents: Veterans Transitioning Home.”

Other presentations highlighted personal interests such as “Extensive Close Encounters with the Chinese and European Praying Mantis” and “Herbal Medicine for the Over Fifty Crowd (and Caretakers, Too).”

No matter what the topic, Scholars’ Day was a chance for Brookdalians to get together and learn more about the college and each other. The day was filled with knowledge and camaraderie.

“Scholars’ Day is my favorite day of the year!  It’s that rare opportunity for everyone to come together, enjoy each other’s company and share our knowledge, talents and experiences with each other. There is something for everyone,” said Linda DeButts, program manager of professional development and one of the co-chairs of the event. “It truly is Brookdale at its best!”