Access Your Degree Audit Academic Evaluation

Access your Degree Audit Academic Evaluation through MyBrookdale.  Once you log in, click on the quick link for WebAdvisor, and then click Degree Audit – Progress Toward My Degree on the Student Menu.

Your Degree Audit Academic Evaluation is provided as a tool to help you keep track of your progress towards graduation, and is best used in consultation with an Academic Advisor to insure that the information is accurate.

It is your responsibility to consult with your Academic Advisor, or the appropriate portion of the Brookdale catalog, to verify the program/catalog year listed on this evaluation is correct (read Matriculation Regulation below), and the courses you take are fulfilling the graduation requirements for this program/catalog year, and if applicable, are tracking the transfer requirements of the institution that you plan to attend.


Matriculation Regulation

Students must meet all program requirements listed in the catalog academic year in which he/she matriculated. After matriculation, if a student is not enrolled for one calendar year, he/she must meet all requirements listed in the current catalog for the semester or term in which he/she resumed study.   Matriculation Regulation 6.1502R


Transfer Courses

Official transcript from other institutions will be evaluated by Brookdale and used toward your degree if applicable.  To request an evaluation, please complete and submit the form here.

. If you have followed this process and you still do not see your transfer course(s) listed on your evaluation, or if they are not applying toward your degree requirements appropriately, it is important you consult with your Advisor.

No more than 50% of the credits towards a degree can be accepted from another college or from CLEP and other equivalency testing programs toward Brookdale graduation. In addition, a minimum of 50% of a program’s career studies credits must be earned at Brookdale. For certificates, half of the total credits must be earned at Brookdale.   Graduation Regulation 6.1700R 


More Than One Brookdale Degree?

There are additional requirements for students who are receiving subsequent or multiple Associate degrees from Brookdale. You must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours above the first degree, and complete all requirements specific to the 2nd degree. This also applies to all degrees after the 2nd degree. Please consult an Academic Advisor for specific details.


Degree Audit and Your GPA

GPA information on your degree audit evaluation may be inaccurate due to course repeats that are in progress. For accurate GPA information, you need to access WebAdvisor. Once at the Student Menu, click on “Unofficial Transcript” under the Academic Profile menu to view your GPA.


Need Help Understanding Your Degree Audit Academic Evaluation?

Please make an appointment with your Academic Advisor through AdvisorTrac, or call 732-224-2555.