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Visiting Student Policy

By registering on the WEB, you are acknowledging your responsibility for course
selection and for meeting all degree requirements as stated in the catalog.Consult your Student Development Specialist with any questions.Student Web Registration Policy

Wait List FAQ

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is a way to prioritize the enrollment of students after a class has reached its maximum. There are no guarantees that you will be enrolled from the waitlist.

How do I get on the waitlist?

If a class is closed and has a waitlist (not all classes have waitlists,) you will be asked when you register either in person or on WebAdvisor if you want to add your name to the waitlist.

Can I place my name on the waitlist if I don’t meet the prerequisite(s)?

No, unless your Advisor/Counselor has overridden the prerequisite(s) in our system. Adding your name to a waitlist is like enrolling in the course. All registration rules are enforced (except time conflicts) at the time you place your name on the waitlist.

What if the class doesn’t have a waitlist?

Not all classes have waitlists. If the class is closed and does not show a waitlist status, then waitlist is not available for that class and you should look for an open section.

Why am I being blocked from placing my name on the waitlist?

WebAdvisor checks all registration conditions before your name is placed on the waitlist (it does not check for time conflicts). Time conflicts are verified after you have received permission to enroll in the course at the time of registration. If you have a restriction or do not meet prerequisites, you will not be allowed to place your name on the waitlist.

Can I put my name on the waitlist for my first choice class and enroll in another section of the same course as a backup?

Yes, you can register for one section and waitlist for another section. In the event you receive permission to register in the class you have waitlisted, you are required to drop the class you had previously registered for prior to registering for the waitlisted class.

Who can I call to obtain my waitlist status?

This information is available in WebAdvisor on the “manage my waitlist” screen, as well as in the confirmation email sent to you. In Webadvisor you can review your waitlist status, number in line for the next available seat, or remove your name from a waitlist.

How do I receive notification when I can enroll?

You will be notified via text message (opt-in required) and/or e-mail, giving permission to register in a specific waitlisted course. You can register for the course via WebAdvisor or in person. Once you are given permission to register, you have 24 hours to register or your name is dropped off of the waitlist.

How do I register in a waitlisted class?

Once you receive permission to register (see #8 above), you can register for the course via WebAdvisor or in person (all registration rules in effect, i.e. prerequisite requirements).

What if I don’t want to be on the waitlist anymore?

The “manage my waitlist” option on WebAdvisor allows students to remove themselves from the waitlist.

How much time do I have to enroll in the course from the waitlist once I have received permission to enroll?

You have 24 hours to enroll once permission to register has been received. You will be notified via text message (opt-in required) and/or e-mail.

What if I don’t enroll within the established timeframe?

If you do not enroll within the allotted timeframe, you are dropped from the waitlist. It is important to monitor your waitlist status on WebAdvisor since texts and/or e-mails are sometimes undeliverable and you may not receive a text and/or e-mail notification, therefore losing your opportunity to register.

How many waitlists can I sign up for?

You can place your name on as many waitlists as you want as long as they are for different courses. You are only allowed to be on the waitlist in one section of any given course.

General Frequently Asked Questions

An extremely long list that needs be to reviewed for relevancey and accuracy.