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Digital Animation & Game Design Capstone Presentations

May 9 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Digital Animation & Game Design Capstone Presentations

Tuesday, May 9
1:30 pm
SLC 103

Our digital animation & game design students have been working on a project of their choosing all semester long. These projects vary depending on the student’s concentration including 2d animation, 3d animation, 3d modeling, texturing, and game development. Come see their projects in the Student Life Center in room 103 (Monmouth Battleground) on Tuesday, May 9th, from 1:30pm to 4:15pm or on Zoom at https://brookdalecc.zoom.us/j/98400040722

The Animation and Game Design Capstone is an immersive and comprehensive project that serves as the culminating experience for students pursuing a degree in animation or game design. It combines the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program and challenges students to demonstrate their expertise in creating engaging, interactive experiences. 

The capstone project typically spans an entire academic term or semester, allowing students ample time to plan, design, develop, and refine their animations or games. The nature of the project may vary depending on the specific student, but it often involves individual or team-based work. 

In the realm of animation, students may be tasked with creating a short, animated film, a series of animated sequences, or even a full-fledged animated feature. They will be required to develop compelling characters, design captivating environments, and craft a cohesive narrative that resonates with the target audience. Through industry-standard software, such as Autodesk Maya or Adobe After Effects, students will bring their creations to life, incorporating key animation principles like timing, spacing, and squash-and-stretch. 

For game design, students will delve into the world of interactive entertainment, leveraging their skills in programming, art, and game mechanics. They may be required to develop a prototype for a new game concept, design levels and puzzles, or even build a fully playable game from start to finish. Throughout the process, students will need to balance engaging gameplay mechanics, captivating storytelling, and visually appealing graphics to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. 

Regardless of the specific focus—animation or game design—the capstone project demands a combination of technical expertise, creativity, problem-solving, and effective project management. Students must demonstrate their ability to work collaboratively, meet deadlines, iterate on their designs based on feedback, and showcase a polished final product. 

In addition to the creation of the animation or game itself, the capstone often requires students to present their work to a panel of faculty, industry professionals, or peers. This presentation allows students to articulate their creative decisions, explain the technical aspects of their projects, and defend their design choices. 

The Animation and Game Design Capstone is not only a showcase of students’ abilities but also an opportunity to refine their portfolios and demonstrate their readiness to enter the professional world of animation or game development. It is a challenging and rewarding endeavor that prepares students for the complexities and demands of the industry, equipping them with the necessary skills to pursue successful careers in their chosen field. 

To learn more about the Digital Animation and Game Design degrees, check out our website https://www.brookdaleanim.com/ . 


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