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Stigma Free Speakers Series with Alex Idavoy

November 30 @ 11:45 am - 1:00 pm


Alex Idavoy

November 30th
11:45am -1:15pm
MAS 100
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Man wearing green sweatshirt wearing glasses with facial hair and smiling. Beach in the background.Alex Idavoy – Associate Professor in Languages
Childhood Trauma

Lunch will be served

Alex Idavoy is an Associate Professor of Spanish and ESL. He is the proud son of Cuban political refugees who were forced to flee the Communist Revolution of 1959. A first-generation college student, he was also the first in his family to earn an advanced degree. Alex is currently in the final stages of his Doctorate in Letters in Writing. His creative dissertation consists of a collection of short stories that address the immigrant experience, his identity as a Cuban American, and the transgenerational impact of exile and collective loss, as well as his very personal and private story of childhood abuse. A deeply taboo topic, Alex will share how sexual abuse by a family member affected him, and how—despite this deep trauma—he has flourished and forgiven himself, as well as the perpetrator. In his talk, Alex hopes to shed light on the darkness and shame surrounding this difficult experience many endure, yet few have the safe space to openly discuss.

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MAS 100