Getting to where you want to go with money starts with understanding how you think about and treat money. What is your money personality, and how can you build a legacy?

Recognizing that April is Financial Literacy Month. Brookdale Community College’s Diversity and Inclusion Department starting on March 30, will presents a free, fun, five-part workshop with Brunch & Budget to teach the five financial stages going from insecurity to legacy by explaining in bite-size action steps how to start building wealth now.

In addition, Tuition-Free College should be for everyone! Brookdale’s Diversity and Inclusion/Community College Opportunity Grant’s (CCOG) Director Angela Kariotis will discuss Financial Aid opportunities and why community colleges offer not just affordable service.

“We know education can change lives. We also know students and their families struggle to pay for tuition and books. That’s why Brookdale remains committed to providing a low-cost, high-quality education experience, and helping our students and our community find effective ways to manage their financial commitments,” said Dr. Matthew Reed, vice president of Academic Affairs.

Managing money is overwhelming until you break down what you need, what you have, and what is important to you. These workshops will go through each of the B&B Financial Stages one by one:

March 30 Financial Safety – you are living paycheck to paycheck
April 6 Financial Stability – you can handle emergencies without breaking the bank
April 13 Financial Sustainability – your finances are leading towards long-lasting wealth
April 20 Financial Independence – your wealth allows you to live exactly how you want
April 27 Financial Legacy – your wealth is going to last beyond your lifetime

“There are relationships to money that we learn from our families.” said Kariotis.

After attending this workshop, families, high school and college students, individuals young and old will have all the tools to prioritize financial self-care, reframe their money mindset, define their financial goals, and more.

“Access to financial education is unequal in our country,” Kariotis added. “This five-part workshop will help level the playing field.

This fun series will have DJ KayKay47 spinning music during the workshops as you discover what it means if you are a Complicator, Paper Chaser, Contemplator, or Money Monk!

Start building your financial legacy today. Join one or all workshops and give your money the attention it deserves!


woman with dark curly hair wearing a black dress and necklace, aiming a pencil with one eye closed.Angela Kariotis, Brookdale’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion/CCOG

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Pam Copalad Founder & Financial Planner, Brunch & Budget