Future Students

The 13th grade? Please…

In just the last few years, Brookdale students have transferred to Columbia, Georgetown, and Cornell universities. They worked for NASA, became published authors, and beat celebrity chefs on national television.

Each year, we create thousands of success stories…and it all starts in the classroom.

Brookdale provides a university-level education, taught by award-winning faculty in a collaborative, engaging environment. From our acclaimed honors program to our new academic tutoring center, we are here to serve students of all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you want to conquer the world of business, transfer to an Ivy League school, or develop into a world-class artist, we have the people and the programs to help you see your dreams through.

Brookdale was founded on one simple belief: that everyone should have the chance to build a better future for themselves.

And over the past five decades, we have built our college around that very idea.

Each year, Brookdale awards more than $30 million in grants, scholarships, and other financial aid, including hundreds of scholarships to middle-class students who don’t qualify for traditional aid. Many graduates also go on to earn scholarships at their transfer schools.

We have a dedicated Veteran’s Center, a Disability Services Office, free tutoring labs for math, reading, and writing, and countless other departments, clubs, and services that are available to you from the moment you step on campus. And we continue to offer open admission to every eligible student who wishes to enroll.

At Brookdale, we don;t think of a college degree as a commodity, and we don’t think a quality education should be a privilege for those who can afford it. Call us crazy, but that’s how we roll.

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