Honors Curriculum


Honors Course Sequence

Spring 2019

ANTH-105-003HL Cultural Anthropology  M 11:00AM-1:45PM
BIOL-102-003HL General Biology II Lecture T 8:30-11:15AM
Lab TH 8:30-11:15 AM
ENGL-122-012HL English Composition: Writing and Research M 11:00AM-1:45PM
HIST-105-014HL World Civilization I TH 8:30AM-11:15AM
HONR-298-001HL Honors Symposium*** TBA
POLI-105-800HL American National Government T 7:00-9:45PM
PHIL-227-001HL Introduction to Ethics T 8:30-11:15AM
PSYC-208-0013HL Life Span Development W 2:00PM-4:45PM

* 100-level courses are recommended for freshmen Honors students.  Two Honors courses in one semester is the usual load.

* 200-level courses are recommended for sophomore Honors students or completion of at least one semester in Honors.

***Students should register for the Honors Symposium [HONR-298] in their final Spring semester at Brookdale.  In rare cases, a student may fulfill her/his Symposium requirement in the Fall.  Please discuss this with the Professor Moschberger.

+ Honors Contract courses must be arranged and the paperwork completed and submitted to Professor Moschberger ASAP but not later than the end of the first full week of classes.  Only 1 contract course is permitted.