ALP Accelerated Learning Program

Complete ENGL 095 and ENGL 121 in One Term

If you’ve scored below a 79 on the Accuplacer exam, you are eligible to enroll in a college-level writing class through our Accelerated Learning Program or “ALP,” which links ENGL 095 and ENGL 121.

ALP is a unique opportunity to enroll in college-level English 121 along with a linked section of English 095 during the same semester. The ALP sections will reduce the time it would normally take you to complete both courses from two terms to one. That means that ALP can help you to graduate or transfer sooner!

How to Register for ALP

  • If you have not yet registered for classes, simply let your counselor know that you would like to register for the ALP sections of ENGL 095 and ENGL 121.
  • If you have already enrolled in English 095, see your counselor or a generalist at any Brookdale location and ask for help with a drop-add form. Drop ENGL 095 and add the ENGL 095/121 ALP sections
  • OR complete the drop-add process yourself. Here’s how:

1. Look on WebAdvisor to find the ALP section of English 095 that best fits your schedule. An “X” in the section number indicates that it is an ALP course (e.g. ENGL 095-003XL is in Lincroft).

2. Click on the English 095 X section to see the linked section of English 121 X. Look for the Important Section Information – highlighted in red.

3. Check your schedule to ensure that you can attend both class sessions.

4. Go to Registration (CAR) and fill out a Drop/Add form

5. Drop your current English 095 and add the English 095/121 X sections that fit your schedule.

6. You may need to restructure your schedule and pay for any additional credits.



For more information please e-mail