English Composition courses are among the most valuable to students; they help you learn to write effectively for college, and beyond. It’s not just that students who write well get better grades in all their classes; but perhaps more importantly, strong writing skills are in demand in a range of careers such as Business, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Health Sciences.

Our instructors are active writers, researchers, and teachers who are focused on student success. Writing classes meet in our nationally-recognized, teacher-designed computer classrooms. Many instructors use the Canvas course management system to offer online sections or to enhance face-to-face classes. We even have an accelerated course sequence (ALP) for students who opt to complete part of their English requirements faster, and we offer Honors sections of English Composition for qualified students.

We teach English Composition in a two-term sequence, with ENGL 121 being prerequisite for ENGL 122:

ENGL 121 – English Composition – The Writing Process: Students write narrative and expository essays, focusing on the writing process and revision.

ENGL 122 – English Composition – Writing and Research: Students write research papers, focusing on finding, evaluating, using and citing source materials.