Spell out and capitalize the name of a certificate if it is the official name.

Tom Davis received his Toyota T-10 Certificate at Brookdale.


Capitalize the “C” in Commencement when discussing the formal ceremony; lowercase it in generic usage.

Brookdale’s 45th Commencement will occur in the Robert J. Collins Arena. The college holds commencements each May.

Brookdale Campus

Capitalize the “C” in the word “Campus” when referring to a specific campus location and all campuses collectively.

Lincroft Campus

Freehold Campus

Brookdale Campuses

Brookdale Courses

Capitalize all complete and official names of college courses. No italicization or quotations are needed. Use the discipline abbreviations when referring to the course title.

General Biology 1


Names and Titles

Capitalize academic, civil, religious, and professional titles when they immediately precede a personal name, but lowercase when the title follows a personal name in text.

Executive Vice President Dianna Phillips

Dean Voogt

In text, when used as an appositive (enclosed in commas), titles following a person’s name, or standing alone in place of a name, should be not be capitalized.

Capitalize the name of the division, department, or office referenced, though, if it is the official name of the department.

Joseph Jones, president of the college, will be . . . .

Sharon Smith, dean of the Division of Arts and Sciences, won’t . . . .

Jack Jones, Human Resources Department director, is . . . .

Judith Smith, professor of biology, plans to . . . .

Capitalize titles following a person’s name when used in a list or in addresses.

The following people have contributed:

Joseph Jones, President of Ventura College

Sharon Smith, Dean of Arts and Sciences


Care should be taken when incorporating college URLs as some include capital letters, underscores, spaces, etc.

As a general rule, no http:// is required as it is implied and most browsers will automatically insert it. Always test the URL, though, when removing the http://. Do not add punctuation to the web address as web addresses are not allowed to end with a period or comma.

World Wide Web (WWW)

The terms Internet and Intranet should be capitalized. World Wide Web should be used in sentence structure when referencing this technology term in the first reference, followed by (WWW) in parentheses. Subsequent references can be “WWW.” When using terms such as “the web” or “web site” or “web page,” the term “web” is not capitalized.