At Brookdale, we use the Oxford comma.  This means that, in a series of items, you put a comma after the “and.”

red, white, and blue

faculty, students, or parents


Use a comma after introductory works, phrases, or subordinate clauses.  Basically, if you have part of a sentence that could be moved around and still make sense, it should be set off by commas.

Because of the location of the building, parking may be limited.


Use a comma to set off an appositive – a noun, noun phrase, or series of nouns placed next to another word or phrase to identify or rename it.

Dr. Smith, our new dean, advocates changes in tenure policies.


Use a comma in names before Jr., Sr., Esq. but not before Roman numerals.

George Anderson, Esq.

Allan Hicks III


When is a rule not a rule?  Media releases are written in AP Style by Brookdale’s Public Relations Department per industry standards and do not follow the Oxford comma rule.



Use colons to introduce a long series or list, especially in course description information.

Topics covered will be: healthcare, childcare, daycare, and geriatric care.

Only capitalize the topics if the given list of items is of an official nature. Semicolons are then needed for separation.

Discussions will take place on the following course titles: How to Provide Healthcare; Childcare 101; When Adults Require Daycare; and Geriatric Care for Alzheimer’s Patients.