Our foundational writing courses are designed to help students gain the fundamental writing skills necessary for success in college courses. Students are placed into appropriate foundational skills writing courses through test scores or instructor recommendations.

Most students begin with ENGL 095, which integrates tutoring appointments at the Writing Center with course work.

Foundational skills writing courses are not sequential, so students are not required to take all of the courses available. Students take only those courses in which they are placed; however, they may enroll in only one foundational skills writing course at a time. After successfully completing their recommended foundational skills courses, students may then take English 121 and English 122.

If you’ve scored below a 79 on the Accuplacer exam, you are eligible to enroll in a college-level writing class through our Accelerated Learning Program or “ALP,” which links ENGL 095 and ENGL 121.

Course Descriptions

ENGL 095 Fundamentals of Writing:  In this course, students learn to write clear, well-organized, and mechanically acceptable prose. Emphasis is placed on the writing process and revision. In addition to class, students are required to complete Writing Center assignments.

ENGL 094 Writing Skills Lab Study:  This course is for students who need additional work in grammar or the writing process after having taken another foundational skills course (ENGL 095) or ESL 225. Students meet with a Writing Center Learning Assistant throughout the semester on an individualized program of study based upon the student’s portfolio of work from the previous foundational skills class. Prerequisite: Course Coordinator approval.