Dara Evans headshot, she has long brown hair and a white scarf around her neck.

Dara Evans

English Department
Humanities Institute

A faculty member since 2007

Courses Taught

English Composition: The Writing Process

The Writing Process – Accelerated Learning Program

Writing and Research

Introduction to Social Media

World Literature I

American Literature I


Bachelor of Arts, Rutgers University

Master of Arts, Monmouth University

Contact Information

Office: Larrison Hall (LAH)

Phone: 732-224-1970

Email: devans@brookdalecc.edu

What brought you to Brookdale?
Brookdale Community College truly changes lives — of this, I am living proof! Towards the end of my senior year in high school, I changed my mind about what had been unchanged, lifelong goals; I was not sure I even wanted to attend college. My parents encouraged me — and when I say encourage, I really mean they provided 17-year-old me with very few options — to register at Brookdale. My friends were away; everything felt both new and the same for a bit. Then, suddenly, everything clicked in Dr. Carl Calendar’s course, “Shakespeare’s Plays.” My class was filled with auditing senior citizens who knew so much more than I did — about everything — and it was intimidating. Dr. Calendar, however, encouraged me, challenged me, questioned me; and, in the process, allowed me to use, and therefore discover, my voice, for the first time in my academic experience. The experience left me with an understanding of, and a beautiful respect for, community colleges, which serve as a gateway to success for such diverse people, with diverse backgrounds, working to achieve success, and with diverse perspectives of what success means. When I transferred to Rutgers, I made a promise to Brookdale that I would come back, and somehow give back to what felt like a magical place that provided me with so much. Today, it still feels like a magical place, and I’m still grateful for my parents’ “encouragement.”

Describe one or more of your biggest achievements as a Brookdale faculty member:
Serving as chair of collegial Governance, the body recognized as the collective voice of all college constituents, afforded me the opportunity to meet, bond with, learn from, and understand the roles of all members of this enormous and beautiful community. I was able to understand how we, together, positively impact student success. The year after serving, I was honored by my faculty colleagues with an Outstanding Colleague Award, which now serves as tangible representation of all that I met, learned from, and impacted, through that position.

Do you work outside of the college?
I am a Reiki Master, freelance social media consultant, freelance editor, a licensed wedding officiant and a writer, working on my first novel. In my spare time, I study yoga, and I’m learning how to incorporate elements of it into curriculum. Stay tuned . . .

What would you say is your most memorable moment – or moments – as a member of the Brookdale community?
Being included in my students’ successes continues to bowl me over, in delight. Learning of Ivy League graduations, sports writing successes, job offers out of Brookdale, my students becoming English teachers or professors, students seeing their diligence in learning English as a second come to fruition, and hearing results from Olympic hopefuls are all included in my memorable moments. Most recently, though, a brilliant former student’s poetry collection was published by a major group, and will be featured in Barnes and Noble and Urban Outfitters.

What do you think separates Brookdale from other colleges?
The faculty at Brookdale Community College are the most dynamic, passionate, compassionate, and diligent educators, who never lose sight of our big picture: student success. Brookdale’s staff, resources, and connections to other institutions all offer a wide variety of access and possibility to every student, in every discipline or area of interest.

Would you recommend that students take a class in your department?
Yes! Our classes provide students with the tools, resources, and vernacular to ensure they communicate and excavate meaning effectively, and see so much more than face value of the words, written or spoken, that appear before them. Who couldn’t benefit from sharpening those skills, while learning about yourself, your thinking, and writing processes along the way?