The Placement Confirmation Essay

Students are placed in Brookdale’s English classes based upon either their responses to the self-guided placement questionnaire OR the Accuplacer Test. Students are placed into either ENGL-121: The Writing Process or ENGL-095: Fundamentals of Writing. They also have the option of taking ENGL-099 (A replacement for ENGL-095) and ENGL-121 during the same semester as part of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP).


Who Should Write the Placement Confirmation Essay?

Students who placed into ENGL-095: Fundamentals of Writing are permitted to write the Placement Confirmation Essay through the Writing Center to try and change their placement. Students select a topic from a set of prompts and are allotted three hours to write. Essays should be at least two typed pages. The writing should be focused, organized, and developed. Students should demonstrate control of grammar and mechanics. Essays demonstrating strong writing skills may change the student’s placement, allowing them to take ENGL-121: The Writing Process instead of ENGL-095: Fundamentals of Writing. Students wishing to write the Placement Confirmation Essay must do so prior to the start of their Foundational Studies class in English.

How Do I Write It?

The Placement Confirmation Essay is conducted entirely online. In order to take the test online, students must have the following:

  1. Stable access to the internet
  2. A working webcam and microphone on their device
  3. Photo ID (Passport, NJ Driver’s License, or School ID)
  4. Three hours available on the test day to take the test
  5. Brookdale I.D. Number
  6. Brookdale Email or other email address
Testing is scheduled on an appointment basis. Students must email (with Placement Confirmation Essay in the subject line) to secure an online testing appointment. Once this appointment is set up, they will receive directions to the secure testing website for the day of their test. On the day of the test, students will select a topic from a list given to them and write an essay of two pages minimum on their topic.

Test results will be available 48 hours after completion by checking Webadvisor or by contacting counseling at 732-224-2555.