The Global Read

In the tradition of the “Big Read” and the “Brookdale Read,” Brookdale’s International Education Center (IEC) and The Global Citizenship Project (GCP) will be organizing a common intellectual experience focused on a text to be selected by faculty involved in GCP. Brookdale’s second “Global Read” will serve as a capstone to our 2017-2019 theme of “Immigrants and Refugees.” GCP will select this text in the summer of 2018 and coordinate the Global Read in spring 2019. If you have any nominations for engaging, multidisciplinary texts that might work well with our current theme of “Immigrants and Refugees,” please email Kelsey Maki (


In summer 2016, GCP voted for Tracy Kidder’s nonfiction text Mountains Beyond Mountains to be the featured text for our first-ever global read. This engaging book chronicles the humanitarian work of Dr. Paul Farmer, an anthropologist and an infectious disease doctor working in Haiti. The book—rich in its themes, motifs, and allusions—can be integrated into a wide range of disciplines, and in Spring 2017, there was ample programming (see below) that was used to enhance and inform students’ understanding of the text.

Spring 2017 “Global Read” Events

1/26 Thursday (11:45-1:15 in MAN 103): Digna Diaz, who is a certified application counselor, will speak about the US healthcare market and current coverage in diverse communities.

2/21 Tuesday (11:45-1:15 in SLC Nav.): The HEAL Initiative, a nonprofit organization, will present on their healthcare work in economically impoverished locations.

3/28 Tuesday (11:45-1:15 in SLC Nav.): BCC’s Students for Global Citizenship (S4GC) will present on the Global Read text: Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.

 3/30 Thursday (11:45-1:15 in MAN 105): Brett Burk, a BCC employee, will lead a presentation explaining his work as a peace corps volunteer in Lesotho, addressing AIDS/HIV awareness.

4/3 Monday (7-9 pm in SLC Nav.): Rachel Stine, a BCC alum, will give a presentation on the health issues facing North Korean refugees. Stine lives in South Korea and has written for the Huffington Post.

4/6 Thursday (11:45-1:15 in SLC Lobby): BCC’s Health Science Students will perform health screenings.

We hope that the “Global Read” will become a capstone event for our faculty-selected themes, which run in two-year cycles. If you’re interested in incorporating this book into any of your classes next semester, please get in touch with IEC or GCP, so we can assist you.

Happy reading!