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Global Distinction Acceptable Courses

Global Distinction Approved Courses


In addition to courses already designated by the General Education Committee as Cultural and Global Awareness (CG) and are listed in the college catalog, some Brookdale faculty have integrated global perspectives into lectures, assignments and presentations into courses that may not normally be considered global or intracultural, like Statistics and Chemistry. These courses incorporate global citizenship principles and globally focused assignments and projects and content qualifies for Group A courses. The following list of courses are also acceptable to be used toward achieving Global Citizenship Distinction.

Courses with Global Distinction/ IEC approval (2016-17)  **

(The list is updated each semester)

** Make sure to email the faculty member before registering for the course to confirm which section will incorporate global perspectives and assignments.
BIOL 108       Human Biology (001&002)       Margo Wolfson  (Fl/ Sp)
BUSI 251       Global Business                    Phyllis Shafer
CHEM 116     Chemistry in Life                    All sections   
CHEM 136     Intro. to Inorganic,                  Tom Berke    
                     Organic, and Biological
                     Chemistry (on-line).
ECON 105      Macroeconomics                     Sarah Leahy
ECON 105      Macroeconomics                     Phyllis Shafer
ENGL 121      The Writing Process                Kelsey Maki  
ENGL 122      Writing and Research             Kelsey Maki   
JOUR 101       Intro to Journalism                  Deborah Mura
MATH 131       Statistics                              Greg Liano    
POLI 101        Intro to Political Science         all sections
POLI 109        Current Global Topics             all sections
POLI 225        International Relations            all sections
POLI 227        Comparative Politics               all sections
PSYC 106       Psychology II                        some sections
PSYC 209       Theories of Personality           Eugene DeRobertis
RADT 256*      Issues in Health Care              Terry Konn
SPCH 115       Speech                                  Barbara Baron
SPCH 115       Speech                                  Cathy Blackburn
SPCH 115       Speech                                  Dan Leyes^^  
SPCH 115       Speech                                 Howard Miller 
*Course only opened to radiologic technology students
^^ Some sections


In conjunction with course faculty, students will identify the course objectives and assignments of these courses that are globally focused and will submit evidence of the assignment and an assessment of their learning in order for the non-designated course to be accepted as a component of program requirements. As with all courses, Student Development Specialists should review course selections to ensure they meet your academic program requirements.

Courses in this category will be updated regularly as faculty identify the assignment and/or course activities that offer research of globally focused issues with compilation and synthesis of related concepts and applications.

Courses that are already designated as cultural and global awareness (CG) are found in the college catalog under General Education. Midway down the page you will find the CG list. Make sure you registered or those courses that are part of your degree plan. There is not need to take any additional courses.