Global Citizenship Participation Certificate

Students who are unable to complete a minimum of 12 credits (3-4 courses) of globally focused course work (CG designated and/ or GD courses) because of program credit limitations have an opportunity to earn a Global Citizenship participation certificate. The student will NOT earn Global Citizenship Distinction at graduation or receive a pin or a certificate upon completion. In order to receive a certificate of participation, the participant needs to complete of a minimum of 6 credits of coursework and 9 points of globally focused experiences and 20 points of co-curricular activities – Cultural / Globally Focused Activities. In order to receive a certificate of participation the student must earn a minimum of 35 points.

Students working toward achieving a Global Citizenship participation certificate must follow all program requirements. They must register to participate in the program, complete surveys in CANVAS, meet with program coordinator regularly and document all experiences in his/her e-portfolio.


To receive a certificate, students must participate and successfully complete 35 points from the following menu of courses, activities and experiences and submit an acceptable e-portfolio demonstrating learning outcomes of each activity:


Participation Certificate Requirements

Curricular Activities

GROUP A – Course Work (18-20 credits) Minimum of 6 points
Globally focused courses – 3-4 credits (with a C or better)   –          From CG designation in catalog
3 points each 3-4 credit course
Globally focused courses – 3-4 credits (with a C or better)    –         From IEC list of approved courses (updated each semester- check website)
3 points each 3-4 credit course
2nd semester world language course – 4 credits (with C or better)
4 points for each 4 credit language course
3rd and 4th semester world language courses – 3 credits (with C or better)
3 points each
GROUP B  – Globally focused Experiences  Minimum of 9 points
Globally focused project for BCC course 2 points for each project (min of 20 hrs. spent on assignment/ project)
Study Abroad Program (full semester) 15 points (min. 12 credits coursework)
Short Term Study Abroad Program (7 days – 6 weeks) 10 points
Internship with a global connection/ focus 4 points for each 75 hours of internship
Globally focused service learning (Career Services approved) project (GLBL 299) 4 points for each 30 hours of service learning
Prepare and deliver a globally focused presentation at a campus event (student showcase…) 5 points (min. of .5 hr. activity)

Co-curricular Activities

GROUP C  – Cultural / Globally Focused Activities Minimum of 20 points
Short Term Study Abroad Program with Service Learning Experience  (7 days – 6 weeks) 10 points
International and intercultural campus activities

(IEC, FYE, CHHANGE, WWII Center, Other)

2 points each activity (min of 1.5 hour)
Cultural Immersion Experiences (with prior approval) 2 points each activity (min. of 4 hours)
Active participation in globally focused club activity 2 points each activity (min. of 1.5 hours)
Active membership in the Students for Global Citizenship Club (full year) 20 points (min. of 20 hrs.)
Awarded a Global Citizenship Award for a globally focused project (nominated by faculty) 5 points
Globally focused project during internship 10 points (min. of 20 hrs.)
Globally focused project as part of Study Abroad Program (full semester) 10 points
Summer Study Abroad Program Service Learning project (7 days-6 weeks) 10 points
Organize and implement a globally focused campus activity or project (for 10 or more people) 5 points (min. of 1.0 hr. activity)
Eligibility requirement for award certificate Minimum of 35 points

REQUIRED: Program Documentation through E- Portfolio Completion