Contact Tracers and Test/Vaccination Trackers, Brookdale Community College (Lincroft/Possibility Remote)

Position Summary

Contact Tracers and Test/Vaccination Trackers

Hourly – $17.51/hr

Contact Tracing

Reviews information provided via notification sent to the College.

Conducts confidential phone interviews with individuals identified as potential contacts of persons that have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Respond regarding quarantine requirements.

Contacts COVID-19 positive individuals to gain appropriate information needed to respond to them with isolation requirements.

Locates individuals and engages them in dedicated discussions using a script or check list to collect the information needed to determine College response.

Understands and clearly explains medical terms and concepts such as exposure, infectious period, pre-symptomatic, asymptomatic, symptomatic, isolation, quarantine, PCR tests, etc. – terms likely to come up in the telephone interview.

Records detailed information in a database and notifies appropriate Department of Health.

Identifies the appropriate correspondence to be sent, subject to approval by the supervisor.

Collects class rosters and department employees with contact information when such notice needs to be sent.

Test/Vaccination Tracking

Tracks testing results and vaccination records for employees and students.

Immediately notifies individual whose test result is positive regarding isolation requirements.

Notifies the VP of Student Affairs when test result is positive for student and the AVP of Human Resources for employees.

Manipulates spreadsheets to provide reports for efficient identification and notifications to be distributed.

Identifies who are delinquent in testing weekly and informs them via text and email that they are non-compliant in testing and must supply their results.

Notifies Executive Director of Student Affairs of non-compliant students each week and the AVP of Human Resources of employees that are non-compliant each week.

Other duties as assigned


• Experience preferred

• Must be detail-oriented

• Must have proficiency skill level in Excel

• Must exhibit critical thinking skills to learn processes and work accurately and efficiently

Working Conditions

• Daytime hours available; may be remote after in-person training

• Availability to work flexible hours preferred

Where to Apply

Search keyword “Contact Tracers” at, then scroll down for posting.