Culinary Summer Paid Internships, FINS (Bradley Beach, Belmar & Point Pleasant)

Position Summary

This position has the possibility of leading to permanent, full-time employment after the completed internship.

You will cover the following three areas of the kitchen: Line Cook, Food Prep Work, & Sanitation. This will include the following tasks:

Demonstrate safe handling of tools, knives, and equipment in carrying out assigned tasks.

Exhibit safe food handling practices.

Exhibit basic knowledge and understanding of cooking techniques; strive to advance knowledge and skills.

Follow verbal direction and written recipes quickly and accurately; asking appropriate questions for clarification.

Develop proficiency in operating assigned stations.

Performs all job-related duties as required

As available, assist Culinary Development in testing new recipes, trialing product enhancements, and other production-based development tasks.

Line cook

Join the staff on the line! We are looking for someone with a culinary passion that is ready for a fast-paced environment! The intern will learn skills that will equip them to cook and prepare dishes with a variety of flavors. You will directly learn from the owner and the Kitchen Manager on the important tasks in running the kitchen, overwatching daily prep work, working with staff to keep up with tickets, and overall, learning the fast-paced environment of the Jersey Shore.

Food Prep Work

Engage in the daily food prep! With our very large menu, you will spend a good amount of time prepping vegetables, dressings, meats, fish, and other food items. You will be responsible for coordinating with the staff and owner on the needed prep work every day, sticking to recipes, and working with kitchen staff to keep up the daily inventory.


FINS has been awarded for its cleanliness, health standards, ServSafe training, and State Food Safety. The kitchen is critical to following all NJ requirements and beyond. You will learn the proper sanitation requirements for a kitchen on a daily basis and a weekly task follow-up.

Salary: $12-14

Benefits: Paid Internship

To apply: Call 7322785060 for a quick phone interview where we will set up a in-person interview to follow.