Medical Assistants and Ultrasound Technicians, Life Line Screening (NJ)

Position Summary

Tired of walking into the same four walls of an office or hospital every day? Join our traveling NJ/ NY team as a Medical Assistant or Ultrasound Technologist and help people invest in prevention instead of treatments, while you bring our services to the communities that need us the most!

Life Line Screening is the nation's leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings. Along with a medical team of trained professionals, you will contribute to helping over 700,000 adults each year gain useful insight into their health by administering medical appropriate health screenings and tests. These services are designed to help provide people become aware of their health risk factors for chronic vascular diseases, stroke, and other diseases early so they can take proactive steps towards maintaining or improving their health through lifestyle changes or under continued care with their doctor.

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