Part-Time Animal Caregiver for Senior Dogs, Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary (Allentown)

Job Title: Part-Time Animal Caregiver for Senior Dogs, Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary (Allentown)
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Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Allentown seeks an energetic, self-motivated individual to attend to the daily care of our senior dogs and assist with general operations and upkeep of the sanctuary. Hours are 2:00 pm – 8:30 pm, 4-5 days/week. DUTIES: Know and follow all sanctuary processes and procedures. Monitor the condition of sanctuary dogs — Observe animal appearance and activity to determine general physical condition, signs of illness, discontent or discomfort — Notice and record any unusual conditions or abnormal behavior — Report signs of illness, disease, injury Ensure all resident dogs are walked, watered, fed, and groomed — Walks dogs several times daily to provide exercise and allow for elimination — Bathe/groom resident dogs as needed and/or scheduled — Feed each resident dog according to that animal’s meal plan — Dispense medications and/or supplements as directed, including injections Take charge and handle dogs as required Oversee, coordinate and direct dog-related activity with volunteers Ensure that all areas of the sanctuary are clean, organized and properly maintained — Thoroughly clean and sanitize all dog rooms and related areas as often as necessary — Perform general cleaning indoors — Empty trash — When outdoors – pick up any trash and animal waste on a daily basis Clean and maintain all items used to complete job assignments — Wash and sterilize water and food bowls — Wash and dry towels and blankets — Replenish supplies or request replacement equipment as needed — Make sure all items to be used can be found in their assigned locations. PHYSICAL EFFORT: • Animal Care often requires lifting and carrying materials weighing 35-plus pounds, handling dogs weighing up to 100-plus pounds, walking or standing for long periods, working in bent or kneeling position, and occasionally using strength or agility to manage strong, active and/or challenging animals. MUST HAVES: • High School Diploma or equivalent • Be reliable, detail-oriented and professional with a mature attitude and positive work ethic; • Knowledge of animal behavior , experience in handling a diverse range of dogs • Familiarity with cleaning and disinfecting methods and the use and care of cleaning materials and equipment • Comfort with being active and on one’s feet; willing and able to perform moderately heavy physical labor DESIRED: • Prior work experience at an animal shelter or similar environment (pet daycare, boarding facility, veterinary practice) • Some college and/or training in subjects related to animal care such as proper methods of animal restraint or how to administer medications and recognize abnormal conditions A PLUS: • Completion of a veterinary technician or assistant program How To Apply: Please send resume to 11/13/20


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