Veterinary Technician - City By The Sea Vet (Asbury Park)

Position Summary

The veterinary technician assists the doctors to the fullest possible extent, to improve the quality of care given to the patients, and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work at CBTS Vet. The veterinary technician assists in multiple procedures providing care for animals including physical examinations, dental procedures, surgeries, immunizations, euthanasia as well as client education, marketing and inventory maintenance.

This position requires a working knowledge of Pharmaceutical drugs, common diseases; their symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention, and other basic preventative health care recommendations. This is an overview of the position and the job responsibilities listed do not encompass the entire position. The veterinary technician is under the direct guidance and supervision of the veterinary technician team leader and the veterinarians.

Job Responsibilities

• Acquire a proficient understanding of the practice management software (EvetPracticve).

• Obtain and record patient histories.

• Obtain and record patient vitals.

• Begin patient exam form and medical record.

• Maintain knowledge of preventive healthcare recommendations in order to answer client questions, provide education on vaccines (to an extent), flea and heartworm products, and recommend services we provide based on pet needs.

• Initiate treatment plan based on patient symptoms and previous knowledge of doctor’s recommendations.

• Inform owner of the recommended treatment plan, explain costs and obtain consent.

• Communicate with and educate owners.

• Restrain patient for doctor or technician.

• Collect specimens and perform routine laboratory procedures.

• Dispense and administer medications, vaccines, and other treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian.

• Administer fluids as prescribed by the veterinarian.

• Obtain and process radiographs.

• Provide specialized nursing care for injured or ill animals.

• Prepare patients, instruments, and equipment for surgery.

• Administer and monitor anesthesia under the direction of a veterinarian.

• Assist in diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures using a range of high-tech diagnostic equipment including electrocardiographic and radiographic.

• Assure that monitoring and support equipment are in good working condition and inform practice manager otherwise.

• Clean, maintain, and sterilize instruments, equipment, and materials for surgical suite, dental station, kennels, treatment area, etc.

• Clean exam rooms after each appointment.

• Leave communication on “Electronic Whiteboard” for doctor reminders or questions.

• Inform Practice Manager of inventory needs.

• Assist Practice Manager with inventory counts if needed.

• Restock treatment area as needed, including unpacking shipments.

• Assist with phone calls, answering client questions, and scheduling appointments.

• Make assigned follow up calls.

• Relieve reception for breaks as needed; check clients in and out

• Sweep/mop hospital; general end of day cleanup.

• Run laundry and fold clean linens.

• Take out garbage and recycling.

Additional Information

Job Location: Asbury Park

Salary Range: Based on experience



100% Paid Health Benefits

Tuition Assistance for Veterinary Technology Degree

Paid Continuing Education

Pet Discount

How To Apply: Please send resumes to

PK 3/9/2023