Steaming Video Resources

To access the Library’s streaming video collection, authorized users must login before watching a video from off-campus.

Mediaspace is a web-based video repository platform provided to accommodate the Bankier Library’s licensed streaming videos. The Library’s streaming video collection is accessible through MediaspaceMyBrookdale (above), or by searching in the Library’s catalog.

Allied Health Streaming Video Collection (Films On Demand)
This Collection will help prepare future allied health professionals for practice across a diverse range of health care settings. We have a subscription to this collection.

Kanopy provides access to a library of over 30,000 streaming video titles, including documentaries and educational films as well as some feature films. Click here to see our licensed Kanopy videos.
Kanopy’s pricing model is based on the number of views per title. Once a title is viewed for the fourth time, Brookdale will be charged an annual licensing fee ($125) per film. (A “view” is counted for any film played for at least 30 seconds of continuous footage. Also, if you start watching on a laptop, but resume on a Smart TV at home, these would count as separate views.)
To help us preserve the limited budget available for this service to cover curricular needs over the course of the year, we respectfully request that you limit your viewing to only those films you need for course-content.