Brookdale Community College and Georgian Court University have a 3+1 agreement which means students can complete 90 credits at Brookdale and then seamlessly transition to classes at Georgian Court to finish the remaining 30 credits for their bachelor’s degree.

This is the first 3+1 agreement in the state between a community college and a private university, and it allows students to complete three years at Brookdale and then one year at Georgian court.

“College students today are looking for affordable options that are accessible and flexible,” said Dr. Joseph R. Marback, president of Georgian Court University. The 3+1 agreement is designed to be that affordable, accessible, and flexible option.

“Georgian Court University has been a trusted partner with Brookdale for many years, and this new chapter in our relationship will enable more students to begin their careers with less debt and continue their studies at convenient locations,” said Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale Community College.

The Brookdale and Georgian Court partnership offers university classes at Brookdale’s location in Hazlet.  Both bachelor’s and master’s level classes are offered at Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet, making it more convenient for students to complete their higher education journey. The bachelor’s degree programs offered by Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet are:

In addition, Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet offers an MBA in business administration.

Benefits of the Brookdale and Georgian Court Partnership

The cost saving benefits of the partnership between Brookdale Community College and Georgian Court University start with the 3+1 agreement. For the first three years of your college education, for a total of 90 credits, you pay Brookdale’s affordable tuition. The average amount saved per year by attending Brookdale compared to a public four-year university is $6,000. By completing your first three years at Brookdale, that is a total of $18,000 savings. Those savings continue if you choose to take the remaining 30 credits needed for a bachelor’s degree at Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet because those classes are offered at the discounted rate of $560 per credit as of fall 2019.

In addition to the savings, the dual admissions agreement between Brookdale and Georgian Court guarantees students a spot at Georgian Court after completing their 90 credits at Brookdale, as long as the university’s GPA requirements are met. Dual enrollment students have access to the academic advisors at both colleges during their first three years at Brookdale so they can map out their associate’s degree pathway as well as the pathway to their bachelor’s degree.

Students will find themselves well prepared to complete their goal of earning their bachelor’s degree at Georgian Court after earning 90 credits at Brookdale. Since the beginning of the partnership between Brookdale and Georgian Court, over 400 Brookdale graduates have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree at Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet.

“We see about 80 percent of our full-time transfer students graduate,” said Dr. Janice Warner, provost at Georgian Court University. “That far exceeds the national transfer student graduation average of about 60 percent,” she said.

The success of Brookdale graduates who complete their bachelor’s degree at Georgian Court is due to a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the intimate class size; most classes at the Brookdale and Georgian Court partnership location in Hazlet have less than 15 students. All of the Georgian Court classes at Brookdale in Hazlet are taught by university faculty members, and the small class sizes offer more individualized support for students.

However, if students need more academic support, they are encouraged to utilize the services offered through the Academic and Student Support Center as students enrolled in courses at Georgian Court at Brookdale in Hazlet have access to all university services. Students are also encouraged to get involved with university clubs and activities.

How to Take Advantage of the Brookdale and Georgian Court Partnership

Students who enter Brookdale with the goal of earning 90 credits and then transferring to Georgian Court can complete the dual admissions application as soon as their first semester at Brookdale. Students who participate in the dual admissions agreement are guaranteed a place at Georgian Court once they complete 90 credits at Brookdale. While at Brookdale, students major in the same academic program that they want to pursue at the baccalaureate level at Georgian Court. The specific degree plans for the programs offered through this partnership can be found here. Students follow the clear pathway of classes designed for a seamless transition to a bachelor’s degree completion at Georgian Court.

However, if students are unsure of their long-term goals when they enter Brookdale, they can still benefit from the partnership between the two colleges. Students can fill out the dual admissions application up until right before their last semester at Brookdale.

Starting at Brookdale can get you to your goal of earning your bachelor’s degree from Georgian Court while saving you money and helping you stay close to home.

Find out more about the Brookdale Community College and Georgian Court University partnership here.