Meet Our Partners: New Jersey City University

Brookdale Community College’s partnership with New Jersey City University (NJCU) brings bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees to Brookdale’s main campus in Lincroft and at Brookdale at Wall. In addition, the two colleges have a dual admissions agreement which means Brookdale graduates who take advantage of this agreement are guaranteed admission to NJCU when they finish their associate’s degree.

This partnership gives Brookdale graduates the opportunity to seamless transfer into bachelor’s degree programs and continue pursuing their higher education goals by obtaining their master’s degree as well. The bachelor’s degree programs offered by NJCU at Brookdale are:

The graduate degrees offered by NCJU at Brookdale are

Benefits of the Brookdale and NJCU Partnership

“NJCU students graduate with the lowest rate of debt of any other college in New Jersey because we are committed to affordability through low tuition and generous transfer scholarships,” said Dr. Steven Lambert, assistant director of university admissions at NJCU.

The partnership between Brookdale and NJCU saves students money. The average amount saved per year by attending Brookdale compared to a public four-year university is $6,000. By completing your first two years at Brookdale, that is a total of $12,000 savings.

Once students complete their associate’s degree at Brookdale, they enter NJCU as juniors because the average of 60 credits necessary for an associate’s degree is applied to the bachelor’s degree at NJCU where students continue to save.  “We prepare students to start their careers upon graduation without financial burdens,” Lambert said.

Students who take advantage of the dual admissions agreement between Brookdale and NJCU are able to take advantage of the student support of both institutions. “Student support really begins as soon as a student submits the dual application,” Lambert explained. “We have dedicated full-time staff who assist with the transition from Brookdale to NJCU and lead special orientations for our incoming students,” he said.

After students transition from Brookdale to NJCU, they begin taking NJCU classes at either Brookdale’s Lincroft or Wall location. The classes offered at NJCU at Brookdale are taught by university faculty and have an average class size of less than 20 students. “In this intimate environment, students are able to learn from former and current industry leaders no matter the program they choose,” said Lambert. “Our faculty teach the courses and bring an enormous amount of experience and connections that help prepare our students for life after college. Their networks often lead to internships and job placements for our students,” he said.

In addition to the support of faculty, NJCU at Brookdale students have additional services available to them. Students can utilize tutoring, peer mentoring, academic advising, and other programs. Students are also encouraged to participate in clubs and events on NJCU’s main campus in Jersey City which gives them access to even more opportunities for social, professional, and academic experiences. “In addition, Brookdale students in the NJCU Dual Admissions Program can begin taking advantage of some of these opportunities while they are still enrolled at Brookdale,” Lambert said.

How to Take Advantage of the Partnership

Students who enter Brookdale knowing their goal is to obtain their associate’s degree and then transfer to NJCU to continue their higher education can complete the NJCU Dual Admissions Application as early as their first semester at Brookdale to begin taking full advantage of the benefits of the program, such as dual advisement from Brookdale and NJCU academic advisors and participation in special NJCU events. Students major in the same academic program at Brookdale as the one they wish to focus on for their bachelor’s degree at NJCU. The specific degree plans for all the majors offered through the partnership and dual enrollment program can be found at Students follow the clear pathway designed for seamless transfer, graduate with their associate’s from Brookdale Community College and then begin their coursework at NJCU at Brookdale.

Students who are unsure of their goals do not have to apply for the dual admissions program. Students can complete the regular NJCU transfer application up until they are finished with their associate’s degree. The partnership between the two schools still ensures a seamless transfer process.

After graduating Brookdale, students continue their higher education journey by working on their bachelor’s degree and beyond at NJCU at Brookdale. Students will find themselves well prepared for NJCU coursework after completing the required courses for their associate’s degree at Brookdale.

The partnership between Brookdale and NJCU was developed to give Brookdale graduates a convenient and affordable opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s degree and beyond without having to leave Monmouth County. Take advantage of the dual admissions agreement and begin reaping the benefits right away. Brookdale Community College makes it easier and more affordable for you to achieve your higher education goals!

To find out more about the benefits and how to take advantage of the dual admission partnership of Brookdale and NJCU, join us at one of our virtual Q&A sessions with representatives from both colleges.

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