Through Brookdale Community College’s partnership with Rutgers University, we are able to offer pathways to premier, cost effective associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs right here in Monmouth County. The partnership between Brookdale and Rutgers brings these higher education programs to our beautiful main campus in Lincroft at surprisingly affordable rates.

“We’re proud to open our flagship campus to making earning a Rutgers degree more accessible to residents of Monmouth County,” said Brookdale President Dr. David Stout. “We look forward to the growth of new programs and opportunities and strengthening our relationship.”

This partnership gives Brookdale graduates the opportunity to transfer seamlessly into a Rutgers degree program where all coursework is completed in Lincroft. The bachelor’s degree programs offered at Rutgers at Brookdale Community College are:

Benefits of the Brookdale and Rutgers Partnership

“It’s a real draw for students who want to earn a Rutgers degree but may not want to study in large lecture halls or travel all the way to New Brunswick, Newark, or Camden,” said Dr. Yesenia Madas, associate vice president of student affairs at Brookdale. “That same level of education, and many of those same degree programs, are offered right here in their own backyard. And it’s affordable as well because they are completing their first two years at Brookdale.”

The average amount saved per year by attending Brookdale compared to a public four-year university is $6,000. By completing your first two years at Brookdale, that is a total of $12,000 savings.  After completing your associate’s degree at Brookdale, students enter Rutgers at Brookdale Community College as juniors because the average of 60 credits necessary for an associate’s degree are applied to your bachelor’s degree. These savings only continue to grow when you compare the cost of attending Brookdale when compared to private and out-of-state universities. Brookdale’s partnership with Rutgers saves you money and makes the transfer process such much easier.

The bachelor’s degree courses offered from Rutgers in Lincroft are taught by university faculty with smaller classes when compared to Rutgers’ main campus. The average class size is 25-30 students. This class size offers students more personal attention to help them better realize their full potential. Students learn from Rutgers faculty members at a more convenient location when they take classes at Rutgers at Brookdale Community College.

No matter what class you are taking, there are tutoring services and academic help available to all Rutgers students. Many of these student services are available to students online so they can be accessed anywhere meaning you don’t have to leave Brookdale’s main campus to get the services you need to be successful in obtaining your higher education goals.

Not sure of your goals? There are dedicated staff members at the Rutgers at Brookdale location to help with academic enrollment, academic counseling, and career advice.  Students can also apply for a study abroad program, utilize career services, and attend student seminars through the university to help them prepare for their career. As Rutgers students, those who complete their courses through the partnership are eligible for the same advantages of all Rutgers students including making sure you have the advantage when you start your career.

Students enrolled in Rutgers at Brookdale Community College are eligible for special benefits, discounts, and privileges like all Rutgers students. Rutgers brings events and clubs to the Lincroft campus for their students. For example, the Criminal Justice Association from Rutgers New Brunswick has meetings on our campus. In addition, students are encouraged to use Rutgers facilities including the library system, computer labs, gyms, and so much more.

“I personally think that attending the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership is a no-brainer in the current economic climate,” said Morgan Rhodes, student counselor for off-campus programs at Rutgers. “The #1 advantage of the Rutgers-Brookdale program is being able to receive all the benefits of attending a state university, such as cost-effective tuition, accomplished faculty, and driven staff while remaining local in Monmouth County.”

How can you take advantage of the partnership?

Students who enter Brookdale knowing their goal is to obtain their associate’s degree and then transfer to Rutgers at Brookdale begin the pathway immediately upon starting their higher education. Students major in the same academic program at Brookdale as the one they wish to focus on for their bachelor’s degree at Rutgers. The specific degree plans for all of the majors offered through this partnership can be found at Students follow the clear pathway designed for a seamless transfer and graduate with their associate’s degree from Brookdale Community College to begin their journey at Rutgers at Brookdale.

However, if you are unsure of your long-term goals when you begin Brookdale, you can still benefit from the partnership between Brookdale and Rutgers. Many students decide to take advantage of this partnership after they have started their education at Brookdale and some decide when they are about to complete their associate’s degree, but it is not too late.

After graduating Brookdale, students transfer to Rutgers at Brookdale to complete their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers. Students will find themselves well prepared for Rutgers coursework after completing the required courses for their associate’s degree at Brookdale. This partnership, which was established over 20 years ago, has proven Brookdale graduates follow Rutgers’ academic pathways to success.

Brookdale’s long-standing partnership with Rutgers was developed to give Brookdale graduates a more convenient and more affordable opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious state university. The benefits of earning your associate’s degree from Brookdale and your bachelor’s degree from the Rutgers at Brookdale program start with the savings and end with you achieving your dream!

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