Internet Redundancy

Internet connectivity is critical to both the educational and business functions of the institution. Brookdale is making a number of enhancements to our network. An additional circuit procured from Comcast will supplement the existing Verizon connection to NJEDge and the Internet, providing both additional capacity and fault tolerance. Redundant router and firewall equipment will significantly reduce the chance that a single event will cause loss of service. At the HEC’s and branch campuses, an additional virtual circuit path at each site will fail- over traffic directly to NJEDge and the Internet should the primary connection to Lincroft be severed.

Informer Training

In June 2013, designated administrative Colleague users attended 3 days of training on Entrinsik Informer Reporting tool (4.3.4). Training focused on ensuring that each user would be able to create highly customized reports from Colleague data using the Informer intuitive drag and drop interface. Informer reporting tools include creating advanced filtering criteria, calculated columns, dynamic grouping, sorting, and aggregating of data, and generating dynamic pivot tables and charts. Reports can be scheduled and shared with ease.

Gorman Hall Renovation

The data center and office space renovation in Gorman Hall is well underway with the data center portion scheduled to be completed in October 2013. OIT continues to work with the general contractor and Brookdale Facilities to ensure continuing progress of the project. The project will increase the capacity of the data center by 150%, incorporating concepts for energy efficiency including but not limited to free-cooling, rack containment, and in-rack coolers for high density racks, a new fire suppression system, and a new electrical service for Gorman Hall which will meet 10-year demands. Future IT Initiatives possible with renovation include Server and Desktop Virtualization, LAN (Local Area Network) Upgrade to 1GigE, My Documents redirect, and SAN (Storage Area Network) expansion.

UPS Network Infrastructure Upgrade

The networking team has replaced/ upgraded the aging APC UPS system on 42 Intermediate and Main Network Switch room wiring closets. This work was accomplished during early morning hours and weekends so not to disrupt the workings of the college. This upgrade extends the runtime of the network switches which will keep the phone system up and running for 40 minutes. In the event of a power outage the integrity of the college’s communication system will be maintained.

Wireless Upgrade to Virtual

The wireless system was upgraded to the latest BlueSocket platform. Seven outdated hardware based controllers were replaced with virtual controllers. The virtual controllers provide better wireless resiliency, allowing each access point to function independent of the controller. Additionally, the new system will provide a more seamless experience for users when moving from building to building, or from site to site with their mobile devices.