Characteristics of Generations

Power-Point Presentation – OBCD December 2006

2008: Community Perception

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CNA 2008

2002-2003: The Traditional Student

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Chapter 1: A profile of Monmouth County (Demographic information)
Chapter 1: Tables
Chapter 2: The economy
Chapter 2: Tables
Chapter 3: The students
Chapter 3: Tables
Chapter 4: The traditional aged student
Chapter 4: Tables

2000: The Non-Traditional Student

Preface, Table of Contents / Charts and Tables
I. Demographic Updates
II. The Economy and the Labor Market
III. Enrollment Trends and Related Issues
IV. Lifelong Learning and the Non-traditional Student
V. Educational Trends
VI. Summary

1999: Business and Industry

Table of Contents / Charts and Tables
I. Demographic Profile of Monmouth County (p. 1-22)
II. Industrial Profile of Monmouth County (p. 23-31)
III. Labor Market Profile (p. 32-55)
IV. Key Informant Interviews and the Labor Market Assessment Process Summary (p. 56-63)
V. Enrollment Trends and Related Issues (p. 64-127)
VI. Educational Trends (p. 128-150)
VII. Summary (p. 151-153)
Appendix A: Career Program Assessment Schedule