Planning & Institutional Effectiveness staff are located in the Main Academic Complex (MAC) and in the Brookdale Administrative Center (BAC).

Dr. Nancy Kegelman – Associate Vice President, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Nancy provides leadership and coordination for college-wide planning, assessment, research, accreditation, and state and federal compliance efforts. She serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer for the Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE) and has a primary responsibility for institutional self-study.       
Email Nancy Kegelman or call 732-224-2221

Maryann Stengel – Confidential Administrative Assistant II to AVP Nancy Kegelman
Maryann manages the administrative tasks of the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Office. She examines matters requiring the attention of the AVP from the standpoint of policy, budget, and the overall operation of the department. The position supports and coordinates the academic and administrative review process.
E-mail Maryann Stengel or call 732-224-2852

Dr. Laura Longo – Director, Institutional Research & Evaluation
Laura conducts research on issues of importance to the College and supports College-wide institutional effectiveness activities with the identification and measurement of appropriate metrics and performance indicators. Laura coordinates and produces accreditation, state and federally required reports and data submissions.
E-mail Laura Longo or call 732-224-2259

AnnMarie Johnson – Coordinator, Research
AnnMarie creates Occupational Outlook Reports for programs undergoing 5-Year review and develops labor market reports for potential new programs. She coordinates the Student Opinion Report process and regularly develops and administers student surveys. AnnMarie compiles statistical tables and reports and responds to ad-hoc requests.
E-mail AnnMarie Johnson or call 732-224-2257

Jesse Jacondin – Senior Analyst, Institutional Research
Jesse is responsible for mandatory and voluntary external reporting such as IPEDS and the Voluntary Framework for Accountability (VFA). He collects and analyzes data and develops reports to share with various constituencies and responds to ad-hoc research and data requests.
E-mail Jesse Jacondin or call 732-224-2875