Survey Request Deadlines – Fall 2021:

Requests for Fall term SORS (15-Week, 11-Week and second 7-Week)
are due by Friday, October 8th

Student Opinion Report Process, Instructions, Proctor Forms and FAQs

Overview of Student Opinion Report Process

Student Opinion Report Step by Step Instructions.

Play the Student Opinion Report Video Instructions

Complete and submit the Proctor Observation Form online (NOTE that this is NOT the Student Opinion Report)

Frequently Asked Questions

View Student Opinion Report Survey Items

Instructions for Printing SOR Reports

Survey Administration Timelines – Fall 2021 Terms:

Fall 15-Week Term (21FA) SORs can be administered Wednesday, November 3rd through Tuesday, November 30th (11/3/21 – 11/30/21).

Fall 11-Week Term (21FA11) SORs can be administered Monday, November 15th through Sunday, December 5th (11/15/21 – 12/5/21).

Fall 7-Week B Term (21FA7B) SORs can be administered Monday, November 29th through Monday, December 13th (11/29/21 –  12/13/21).

If you have questions about the Student Opinion Reports (SORs) or would like information about the process, please contact the appropriate SOR liaison for your Institute:

In the Business & Social Science Institute: Kara McCoy, Institute Administrator at 732-224-2406 or

In the Health Sciences Institute: Rose Dunn, Senior Office Assistant at 732-224-1982 or

In the Humanities Institute: Carol DiBuccio, Institute Administrator at 732-224-2487 or

In the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Institute:
Anita Molski, Institute Administrator at 732-224-1977 or, or
April Brinson, Senior Office Assistant at 732-224-2430 or, or
Mary Rose Boutote, Senior Office Assistant at 732-224-2406 or

Dr. Laura Longo, Director, Institutional Research & Evaluation at 732-224-2259 or

AnnMarie Johnson, Coordinator, Research at 732-224-2257 or