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Frequently Asked Questions

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Survey Request Deadlines – Summer II & III 2018:

Requests for SORs for the Summer II 10-week term are due by Wednesday, June 20th.

Requests for SORs for the Summer III 6-week term are due by Thursday, July 5th

Survey Administration Timelines – Summer II & III 2018:

Summer II 10-Week Term SORs can be administered Wednesday, July 11th through Wednesday, August 8th (7/11/18 – 8/8/18).

Summer III 6-Week Term SORs can be administered Thursday, July 26th through Thursday, August 9th (7/26/18 – 8/9/18).

If you have questions about the Student Opinion Reports (SORs) or would like information about the process, please contact:

Dr. Laura Longo, Director, Institutional Research & Evaluation at 732-224-2259 or

AnnMarie Johnson, Research Associate at 732-224-2257 or