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Arnold H. Glasow

On Becoming One of Our Students

Our EOF program is looking for students with good work habits, and a demonstrated ability to succeed – not only in the best of times but also persevere through those challenging or difficult times. Resiliency, being able to bounce back; these are attributes we highly value.

Think about what balance you bring to your life through work, school, family, friendships and your social life. Think about what you give priority to and whether you are moving in the direction you desire – is Brookdale where you want to be? Can you commit to staying enrolled and on a full-time basis? Do you have the will to do your best to manage the college experience, stay focused and take advantage of all Brookdale’s resources? Including those made available by our EOF program?

If the answers are yes, then keep reading. If not, then it is best you think a bit more before you settle your college-going plans with us.

We have academic and financial eligibility requirements for determining program admission. These are listed in the EOF admission application –  high school seniors, GED recipients, transfers from other colleges, and even current Brookdale students can apply for program admission.

It all starts with submitting a Brookdale admission application (and for some matters there are other forms as well that may need to be completed). Use the Brookdale admission application and forms link to access complete information.

As an applicant you will need to submit to us your academic records for review and financial documents to us for determining EOF grant eligibility. There are an assortment of other conditions that must be met to finalize enrollment in the program. These matters can include taking the Accuplacer Foundational Skills Test, attending Brookdale’s May-June Early Bird Program with its EOF session if a high school senior, and attending our Parent & Student Assembly in June.

If you have never attended college before you may be required to attend and successfully complete our EOF College Preparatory Summer Institute.

In addition, there is our New Student Convocation held in August that is a condition for finalizing your enrollment.

We must also have your Program Participation Agreement and your Annual EOF Program Enrollment Activation Form on file.

All the while you are moving your enrollment forward we are actively assisting you with your financial aid process, getting you registered for your courses, and making preparations with you for making the most of our partnership. We will actively work with you to ensure your educational and career goals are in place, with the necessary planning for realizing these.

Work with us and you will achieve your dreams. The best of success with your educational endeavors!

Best regards,

Richard Morales-Wright
Director, EOF

EOF Graduate, Fairleigh Dickinson University & Upsala College

EOF 2019-2020 Admissions Application