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Visiting Students FAQ

What’s a Visiting Student?

Visiting Students are matriculated and in good standing at a college or university other than Brookdale. Most visiting students attend during the summer to make up missing credits or catch up on your courseload.

What’s the advantage of Visiting Student status?

As a Visiting Student, you are not required to take the Basic Skills placement test or meet with a Brookdale academic advisor. The exception to this would be if you are registering for developmental “zero level” courses.

Do I need to apply to Brookdale?

Yes. If you have never attended Brookdale for a credit class, complete the application and pay the $25 application fee. You may apply online or obtain and submit a paper application. Paper applications can be submitted at Brookdale’s Lincroft Campus or at any of the Regional Centers throughout Monmouth County.

What documentation do I need to be a Visiting Student?

Visiting students are not required to submit documentation from their home institution permitting them to take courses at Brookdale.

It is the visiting student`s responsibility to verify that the course(s) he or she takes at Brookdale will transfer to the home institution, and that the student has the prerequisites necessary to succeed in the course(s). It is very important to meet with your home institution advisor and review the Brookdale course descriptions. This will ensure that what you take here meets your requirements and will transfer back.

Where can I register for courses?

If you have applied and been accepted, you may register online via Webadvisor or you may also register at the main campus in Lincroft, the Western Monmouth Branch Campus in Freehold, or at any of our Regional Centers – Neptune, Long Branch, Hazlet or Wall.

Classes fill rapidly – it is smart to register as early as you can.

As a Visiting Student, can I register online?

Yes, you can register online for most 100 and 200 level courses.

Online registration is not permitted for courses requiring a special pass or permission. This includes Special Projects, Internships, Honors designated courses, Nursing, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy and Culinary courses.

If you haven’t taken classes at Brookdale before, you must apply before you register.

Can someone else register for me?

Someone else can register for you in person, but please make sure you provide them with your complete information. This includes your name, social security number or Brookdale ID number, address, phone number, and course information (title, code, section).

When possible, please sign the registration form. Individuals may also sign on your behalf.

You should also try to give anyone registering for you as much flexibility as possible. (ex: If the class you wanted on Tuesday morning is closed, are you willing to take it on Wednesday afternoon?)

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made at the Lincroft campus by check, money order, cash, American Express, Visa, Discover or Master Card.

You may also pay by check, money order, or credit card at the Freehold Campus or at any of our Regional Locations.

(Please note – cash will not be accepted at any location other than the Lincroft Campus.)

If someone is registering for you, they should be prepared to pay at that time. You may also pay by credit card online or by phone one the day you register.

What if I plan to take a developmental "zero-level" course?

As a visiting student, you are not required to submit a letter from your home institution giving you permission to take courses at Brookdale unless you are registering for developmental “zero level” courses. If you are registering for any “zero level” courses, you must submit a letter from your home institution giving you permission to take that specific “zero level” course at Brookdale, or you can make an appointment with a Brookdale counselor for approval to register in that “zero level” course.

How do I transfer my Brookdale credits back to my college?

To transfer credits back to your home institution you must file a Transcript Request Form in the Office of Admission, Records, and Registration.

Will my final grade(s) arrive in time for me to register for the coming semester at my home institution?

This depends on several different factors. We will process your transcript requests as quickly as possible. Official grade postings or transcript mailings may not occur in time for registration at your home institution.

You might want to discuss this in advance with your advisor. In many cases, a note from your Brookdale professor may suffice pending receipt of official Brookdale transcripts.

How can I get more information?

If you have specific questions please e-mail