Professor Ivan Anderson

Ivan Anderson

Assistant Professor and Department Chair
Automotive Technology Department
STEM Institute

Faculty member since: 2014

Courses Taught


Bachelor of the Arts in Automotive Technology Management, Penn College of Technology

Master’s Degree in Career and Technical Education, Ball State University

Contact Information

Office: Auto Tech Building (AUTO)

Phone: 732-224-2778


What brought you to Brookdale?
My desire to be a part of a program that offers students an A.A.S degree at the completion of their training.

Describe one or more of your biggest achievements as a Brookdale faculty member:
One of my biggest achievements was being named coordinator of our GM ASEP Automotive program. I also serve as a more general automotive coordinator, because I help all students who need assistance with any issues, as well as those enrolled in the GM ASEP program.

Do you work outside of the college?
In my past life I was the president of Ivan’s Automotive Service, Inc. I was in business for nine years and my business was comprised of 10 employees, eight service bays, and 5,500 customers. I am also a monthly guest speaker on the AUTOLAB radio broadcast, which is broadcast live from New York on Saturday mornings.

What would you say is your most memorable moment – or moments – as a member of the Brookdale community?
My most memorable moments are when students ask what I am teaching the following semester so they can take my classes again. I love when students tell me how my teaching is different from other instructors and they feel that they learn better using my format.

My other memorable moments are when students come to me for advice on automotive issues outside of class. We discuss it until they gain a direction, but it comes from their understanding of the systems involved. We discuss it on a professional level and, when they feel confident, they leave to make the repairs then report back when it is fixed. The pride that they have when they fix the issue is an incredible reward.

What do you think separates Brookdale from other colleges?
Brookdale is an absolutely beautiful campus, and our Automotive Technology department is an impressive facility. I feel that our campus and our automotive program are gems, and my goal has been to raise awareness of our program to our surrounding community. I feel that the education here is a bargain, and I can see the amazement on the faces of parents when they find out how inexpensive a two-year education is here. Future students should look into all automotive programs offered elsewhere prior to visiting our facility, so they can see what an incredible bargain our program is. Students should also look into the job demands in the automotive field to see how promising the job market will be when they are ready for employment.