Need a Lab Science course to Graduate?

Biology 125: Introduction to Plants

This lab course is specially designed for non-science majors and will complete a General Education requirement.

Some topics that are covered are basic plant anatomy, native plant identification, biodiversity, ecology, plant propagation, seed starting (sprouting), edible plants, and GMOs. Lectures and labs incorporate experiential learning and interactive experiences.

Some course activities will take place in the Brookdale Greenhouse and throughout the Lincroft campus. In addition, there will be local field trips.

Offered now

Co-requisite: MATH 012, MATH 015, or passing score in computation on the Foundational Studies test, READ 095 or passing score in reading on the Foundational Studies test, and ENGL 095 or passing score in writing on the Foundational Studies test.

For more information, please contact:
Lecture:  Sally Kimble at
Lab:  Leslie Van Cleve at